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Kermie Final Appeal


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):
  1.  2. 
 ticket #6823-Final Warning
 ticket #7033-Final Warning Reset, After an Appeal was accepted.

Why the verdict is not fair:
This Verdict was 110% Fair my actions were crude unacceptable and were abusive to other members of the community.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:
I think this section should rather focus on me finally realizing and seeing things from others perspectives. I went a bit wild and hoped on the hype train of sending abusive discord texts in the official discord to stir the pot and wind people up with jokes/statements that were attacking people and things about them that they couldn't help ie. sexuality or where they were from. I see this now as completely unacceptable, I never should have gone after other members of the community in this way or at all. If I had a problem I should have taken it to staff and voiced my concerns maturely and  concisely. Instead I chose to harass and abuse others who I blamed in the community for the downfall of some group I was apart of. The hive mind thing to just shit on people and troll was not acceptable and if any of those people I attacked read this appeal I would like to state I am sorry for attacking you for things that are intrinsic to you and that make you yourself. I have done some self reflection regarding my behavior and the words I used and I believe I have moved on from such childish behavior and now better understand the view points of those I attacked without provocation. As per the final reset warning It was for troll RP that I appealed and was told I skirted the line. I recognize Not only my name and use of an anti gay slur was inappropriate but also a braindead move being on final. Since them I have created I believe 3 characters and have been an active community member both in game and on the forums(I do have dips of activity due to being away from my home to visit my son who lives with his mother in another country as well as I work in a demanding Job field that I travel semi regularly for.) I also would like to make clear I have not used any of these words in game since the time of my ban and appeal and that I have worked diligently to change my vocab to use other words to be creative with my insults and to bring a better RP to those I come in contact with.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: 
Taken off Final to continue my good behavior and activity in the community

What could you have done better?:
I could have not been so angry over a video game and a group going away, there will always be other groups that I can join or work on myself. I jumped on the train of abuse and flame and hate when If I had taken 10 seconds to realize there are humans on the other side of the screen I would have not said such shitty things to these people. I could have also realized the same way I don't like certain words being thrown my way this is a two way street and that my words have meaning and that I shouldn't publicly attack people in discord or use troll/inappropriate words while roleplaying in game. I hope the staff team can read this and realize I have changed for the better, I hold no hate in my heart for those I previously hurt and I hope that both those I hurt and the staff team can accept this apology and this appeal and I can continue to roleplay, stay active and work on constantly bettering myself as I have grown and matured from who I was 183 days ago.

Best Regards, 


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>Admin team working on final appeal

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>Kermie sees the appeal get accepted and feels like he's in the mood to write his own

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>Admin team flocks to note it

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>Everyone accepts it

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You've redeemed yourself @Kermie. The Admin team is thoroughly impressed with your attitude after your final warning and we're happy to see how far you've come and that you're finally ready to take off those 29 points to become a free man again.

Please let it stay this way, as we have exciting things going forward that you don't want to miss out on 🙂

In case you didn't already know where this was going:

 Appeal accepted, final warning revoked.

Signed @Hofer @Inferno @Bryan

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