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Stefan Mickelsson Diary


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So I finally arrived in this country today, and at first glance, it feels almost like I'm dishonoring all the other countries by calling this hell hole a country. What the hell is this place supposed to be some backwater suburb of Russia?
I woke up not too far away from some summer camp and checked it out, noticing some people there. I would most lightly have left them to their business if it was not for those armbands that looked like a different design of the medic armbands I have seen.
They gave me some helpful info, but when they asked for my name, I only gave them my alias, and I did not mention what I was doing here.
Shortly after the rain stopped, I left them and soon realized I was walking back to where I came from and turned around, starting to head east; maybe my subconscious told me to get the hell out of this shit hole.
I did meet some guy just north of the summer camp. He seems to be a military man, and I asked him some stuff trying not to reveal why I was here, but he was a smart guy, and eventually, I told him I was looking for a guy called Chameleon.
He had not heard that name, and it did reinforce my believes that Chameleon was on some deep undercover mission in this country, so I asked him to keep it down low because, as far as I did know, he could be just that undercover, he agreed.
We parted way, and not too far down the road; I ran into another guy with similar clothing as the first guy. I was a bit nervous around him mainly because this guy had an M4A1, and I only had my M14 set up for long-range, so with that in mind, I did holster my weapon to keep him calm.
We traveled to some Russian trader in the northeast and bought some nine mil from him. I must say, he was expensive, a 1000 rubles for a sling? Holy crap, and it was not even made out of gold.
After traveling for some more, I ended up in Berezino and noticed a makeshift barrier around parts of the town.
I went there to investigate but soon realize it was abandoned.
It looked like they use to have a good thing going, but from what my friend told me, they probably left due to the harassment from RAC and those cannibals.
This country sure is on its way to Anarchy, and the more I learn, the more I believe it is already at that point.
I found another abandoned base at the coast located in some old warehouse. It also looked like the people there put down some serious time with that one and just up and left, no doubt for the same reason.
I wonder if that guy and his friend Victor did fool me coming to this area, it seems like the eastern part is more dangerous than the northern after all, I only found good people up north, and he even mentioned some good traders up north, but in the end, I have to agree with him this country is a warzone and should be treated as such.
I hope I will find Chameleon soon and maybe get some useful info from him.

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I woke up pretty early today, and it continues south.
Eventually, I ended up in Electro and later on Chernogorsk.
Electro was devoid of any life, but I found something that did look like a quarantine zone in Chernogorsk.
It seemed to me like this place has not been used for a long time, and I am starting to wonder why people do not move down here instead of living up north literally right next to a toxic cloud that could blow in over them the next time wind changes.
I moved on toward Belota after searching through this quarantine zone finding next to nothing.
From Belota, I b-lined to the next POI on my map and ended up in Zelenegorsk. I decided to check the city from the outside first and did not see anything of note and moved into the small military compound.
First, I thought I did see corpses but thank god it was dead infected.
I did search all of it carefully because I know those corpses normally de-compose or get eaten by wildlife pretty quick, so someone could be in this military base. Still, in the end, I did not find anyone, and luck had it that the person(s) left a mag for my G36 that I did pick up together with some 5.56.
As I moved to green mountain, I saw two things that caught my attention: a small campfire in the tree line and the other that might explain why Chameleon doesn't send his weekly pings.
I could see the black smoke a mile away, and there was more or less nothing there, and on my map, there is supposed to be a large radio tower there, I would say at least 200 meters tall.
I'm pretty sure that this was the radio tower Chameleon used to send us his pings. There is also some radio station marked on my map called Altar radio station. I doubt he could have used an old FM radio to send his ping all the way to base.
I wonder if he was discovered, and that's why they blew up the tower in fear he would send secret information?
I did not see anyone at the campfire, so I left in the cover of darkness in case someone had some sort of overwatch and went to VMC (Vyborg military compound?)
I searched most of the compound before I heard someone shooting suppressed, and I retreated not to get hit by stray bullets.
Outside I shot at two boars to try and bate the person to show himself, but he or she never did. I guess some people have a brain in this country, probably not a local.
I carefully moved toward Devils castle summer camp and almost got mauled by a frecking bear; holy crap, that thing is large!
Thank god I had my M14 to deal with it.
According to some guy who apparently knew more about hunting than me told me, it was a fully grown bear judging from the pelt I managed to get mostly intact of it.
I left it at the summer camp. Maybe someone knows how to use it.
This guy that I forgot the name of. I asked him about Chameleon, but he never heard the name, so I guess my search will continue, and his answer, combined with the other responses I got, reinforces my believes that Chameleon might have worked undercover.

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I woke up from gunfire today and ran out, unsure if it was a dream or if something did happen.
Apparently, it was someone training just outside of the camp. That person surely would need to train in controlling his automatic fire unless he or she wishes to run out of bullets three seconds into a gunfight.
I decided to stay in camp for a while just to listen to people and maybe gain some information. Some guy was accused of killing someone else, and there was a long discussion about it, and in the end, they did hold some other guy up, and someone got killed.
I think it bothered the female that was sitting next to me more than me.
I did not wish to get involved, so I just watched them using my small mirror and really did not care about the laws and politics in this backwater country.
When those black beret guys came, I did take more of a back seat and just stared at the fire but was still listening to what was said. Apparently, they are supposed to be dangerous, so I did not wish to draw their attention, and it worked for some time.
The good thing with people with "power" is that they like to talk loudly and get their voices through those Black beret guys who I later on learned was the Chedaci are, all the same, waving their dicks around and telling everyone how badass they are, they would probably not even survive one day in the Swedish army.
When they finally noticed me, I left shortly after and decided to visit those traders I heard about the other day. They call themself Transporters, a fitting name if you ask me.
I got some good info from them about the gas cloud after I traded for some 5.56.
I was surprised they lived so close to it until they explained that the cloud did not even move when they flew over it with helos.
That confirms to me that there are some heavy particles in this cloud, maybe depleted uranium. It is still weird, that cloud should move in the wind, and when I was looking at it from the camp, it did move but not in a usual manner. It seems to be attracted to itself.
Let me explain: I did see a portion of smoke trying to move away from the rest of the cloud but was "pulled" back at an accelerated speed, almost like it was magnetized.
This happened several times. It tried to expand but was pulled back to its original position. I would say the distance it traveled at most was only a few meters from the source.
I have never seen a gas behave like this, and I should get an NBC suit and investigate this further.
I left their camp after receiving a plate carrier and some matching gear instead of the mix I use to have, and as thanks, I gave him my hunter's backpack in trade for a smaller one.
I'm definitely going to talk to them some more in the future and maybe get a car from them.
Now when I know Chameleon was not working undercover and he was spotted at this place at one point, maybe it will be easier to find him when I can openly ask about him not being afraid to blow his cover.
My friend recommended I speak to the Chedaci, but I will most lightly stay away from them, just a feeling I got.

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