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A Message from Leon Radek of Cordis Aido


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*A young Chernarussian man's voice would come over the radio, his voice is solemn and stern, trying to remain composed*


"Ahoj, people of Cordis Aido, our friends, and associates. This is Leon Radek, I am a combat medic for the medical group known as Cordis Aido. Today, our beloved leader nurse Mary Davis was taken from us. She died of complications from severe internal bleeding, but––I assure you––she was at peace when it occurred, she was not in pain during her final moments. I would like to personally thank everyone involved in helping find her and her killer, you have done the whole Cordis Aido family a great service that we will not forget."

"In her final moments, she gave a series of letters to nurse Eva Riverwood and I. In Mary's letter addressed to me, she names me the new leader of Cordis Aido. I do not want Cordis Aido to die with Mary and Freddy, Cordis is their child, and it belongs to all of us. Both of them would want us all to continue their work, and I would be honored to help in keeping their dream alive if you are willing to follow me and help me in that task. This is Leon Radek, thank you for listening, signing off for now."

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