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Server time (UTC): 2021-08-03 21:30

Dynamic Events: "The Mutated.."
ONGOING | 2021-08-03 19:00:00 (server time) | Ends in 1 hour, 29 minutes | Nyheim City

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  • Moderator

Hello and welcome to DayZRP.
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  • Diamond

Hi there The Man! ⭐

Welcome to the community and all the best of luck with your whitelist 🥳

Hope you enjoy your time here ^^

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  • Game Master

Hello The Man!

Make sure to try out the game on some public servers too. Just to get familiar with how the game works and what the keybinds are. This will help you out a lot when playing on our server. Besides this, good luck with the whitelist proces and hope to see you around!

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  • MVP

Hello and welcome to the community and best of luck with your whitelist process 😃  

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  • Diamond

Get used to the game before hoping on the server. Atleast learn what f5 is for sure. Good luck and hope your enjoy this greatly finished game and the role play we provide.

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