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Base building limitations

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Hello, quite new here, I would like to know more about what you can and can't build in the server. The trial error way is taking quite a lot of time, and even being sure there is a plain explanation of the rules somewhere I just can't find it. Can some experienced player please confirm me this?

I guess you can't build more than 3 wooden crates total, as i just can't build past 3. I guess some similar limitation does exist about the numbers of walls you can set up. Not that i'd build a castle, but just to know. 

Then, i guess you can't place any tent inside of any building, as now i secured a house placing my medium tent there just won't work (still, it might be a bug: the tent shade gets white, saying you can place it there, but the game won't perform the action). So i guess you have to rely on finding barrels or storage locks around to secure some basic tools, while nails are quite useless. Is that correct? Thank you!

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My experience from placing tents is that even if you get the white silhouette, you usually need a bit more room. This change seemed to happen when they rebalanced tents around patch 1.10, as they added makeshift shelters as the smallest option. 

As for crates, I personally haven't built one ever (as the server has them at 72hrs max persistance) but I know there is no limit for them, unless there has and some mod has limited them? 

As for the rest, there's a place for it all and unlimited - as long as you can keep it secure. 

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Thanks a lot, i didn't know about the crates limited persistance. Where I can get this kind of information about the server?

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I would assume ask a developer or look through the announcements

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