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This is a message for Ricky from Transporters


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*You would hear a deep Russian voice*


"Privyet brats, this is Oleg Turkovich speaking. I am looking for Ricky from the Transporters!


This is your last chance to pay your taxes, I told you this personally last month that i will start collecting them and its been way over time for your payment.


800 shekels need to be ready for when I come visit the camp next time, plus another 200 shekels as punishment for your late payment.


If these taxes are not payed within 3 days time, well... U know the rest.




*As Turkovich would end his speech you would hear a loud applause in the background*

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*You would hear a deep Geordie voice*


"Sappenin' bro, this is him speaking. I am looking for Oleg from the Russian Peeps!


This is your error, Raskoln Turkov received my payment over 2 weeks ago. I told you this personally last month that it would be sent and it has been. I also believe I spoke to anarchy war-dog Mehmet Ayibogan about receiving the payment. Sounds like a communication issue on your end.


I already sent 1000 shekels to him.


Don't threaten me.


Inabit habibi.


*As Ricky would end his speech you would hear a loud burp in the background followed by the roar of the red rocket engine*

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  • Emerald

*You would hear a really pissed off and deep Russian voice*



Oh alright, sorry for the inconvenience.



*As Turkovich would end his talk, you could hear a Vlad in the background calling him an idiot.*

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