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Idea for a group I want to start. "Chernarus Medics Coalition"

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My idea for the Chernarus Medics Coalition is a coalition of Ex-Military personnel, and people with medical background that have come together to help people in need throughout Chernarus. They go around towns throughout Chernarus and set up medical camps where the wounded and sick are treated, or the hungry come to receive food and water. I think this is a pretty good idea. let me know what you guys think down in the comments!

Chernarus Medics.jpg

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  • Administrator

Hello @LiterallyIkea,

Unfortunately this part of the forums is not for posting "ideas" in this sense. It is more for posting completed ideas and waiting for those ideas to be approved. As such, I will move this thread to another forum so that others may express their interest in this idea. Should you find sufficient support to post this as an official group, see the group requirements below; 

/moved to DayZ Standalone


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Perhaps Cordis Aldo is what you’re looking for, they’re a great group with fantastic RPers 😄

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Every 3rd or 4th person I meet IG is a Dr and there is already another Dr group, maybe you should reach out to them.

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I like the artwork for the group idea, wondering if you made it or not? And in my opinion do what you want? It's all about selling the idea of the group to others on the server so that you will gain interest to other players that will join and want to interact with you in game. Some people will say that the Medical group idea has been done a lot or a coalition has been done a lot but like I said above just make sure that it brings something to server through the means of a lot of roleplay and uniqueness and it shows on the group thread.  

But as a new player to the server some advice I would give you is just jump into game and play for a little, see if you can find people to roleplay with for a little while. Build relations and see how things are ran and see from your POV what the server needs right now as there is a lot of groups covering many aspects of roleplay. That's where the uniqueness of your group will come in. And maybe like others are saying join a group see how that is ran just overall experience a group from a member's perspective for a little while until jumping into the leadership role. 

I hope this helped in some way 😄 

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