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Another World of Wrong


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This is fanfiction and not based on any IC event currently going on in the game. The chars are randomly selected from a list of people I heard about or knew in-game. None of the involved players have to act on this in any shape or form.

Chapter 1

A scream echoes through the rooms and hallways in the old castle as Dr. Mayfield cuts into the man on the table trying to get to his liver.
The man starts to shake violently as he enters a state of shock.
"Common Chameleon, hold him down!" Dr. Mayfield barks out
"This would be so much easier with some painkillers." Chameleon answers as he pushes the man harder.
"Well, I think you will prefer that I have some of it left when you get shot again."
The shakings seem to calm down as the man loses consciousness.
"What exactly am I doing here?" Ashina asks as she looks at Chameleon.
"You are doing the same thing I'm doing standing here and enjoying the smell of a corpse...Soon to be corpse at least." Chameleon answers in a sarcastic way.
She sighs deeply and sits down on one of the wooden chairs.
"How is the extraction going?" Hector asks as he comes into the small room.
"I don't know how many livers we need to cut out, but this is a vast of time!" Chameleon answers as he looks over at Hector.
"We will be doing this until the doctor knows nothing more can be learned from this, and for me, it's all for my familia. We need to learn what this sickness does to us before we turn into one of those insane infected."
"Well, before I got so rudely interrupted, the liver is out, and I need to start the tests now."
"Get it done fast. Deebs want this before her child is born."

Chase looks around the small camp, and even though he and the leadership of the Dosers are cautious with recruiting people, he can clearly see an increase in the group size.
"Can you be my daddy?" A small boy asks, looking up at Chase.
"I don't think your real dad would approve." He answers with a big smile.
"I don't think my real dad would even recognize me being an infected and all." The boy answers and looks down into the ground.
"Hey, we do not know that yet." He says in a soothing voice as he picks up the boy in his arms.
"Dobriden Chase! I bring good news, the former criminals from C-Block have agreed to help us take down the terrorists known as El-Familia."
"That's great news!" Chase says as he turns around, facing Kirill.
"I also have bad news. The terrorist known as Mikael Hansson shot several of them when they were in their boats. Only 19 out of the 24 made it to the shore."
"How did you know it was Mikael?"
"We found his calling card among some spent .338 casings at the lighthouse."
"How about the transporters?"
"For now, they wish to stay neutral. They claim they have no one really fit for fighting, but they gave us their codes for their gates and are willing to loan us any cars we need, and they are also going to have a vote, and depending on the outcome of that vote, maybe they will help us more direct in favor of weapons training from us."
"Then there is still hope."

Mikael slowly makes his way through the woods toward Skolisty isle and thinks to himself that Deebs will be happy with his efficient way of dealing with the C-block traitors.
Even though he only managed to kill five and wounded seven of them as they came over toward the mainland.
He quickly crosses the road and stabs one of the infected through its head as he moves behind the houses and checks the beach before swimming over to Skolisty instead of taking the bridge.
Safely on the other side, he walks over to his small tent next to the old boathouse where Roland uses to live and work and takes off his Ghillie suit.
As Mikael walks up toward the castle, he looks at the execution area and can see three corpses badly burnt on a pole, and underneath them is a still smoldering bone fire.
"I guess Deebs was bored at some point." He thinks to himself as he chuckles softly.
As he enters the castle, his footsteps start to echo in the hallways, and soon he enters a medium-sized room and spots Deebs and Hector sitting by a table.
"Good morning!" Mikael says as he walks up to the two of them, and as usual, he looks at Deebs giant belly.
"Not really, but I'm sure you will make it better," Deebs answers as she looks up at Mikael.
"Well, the intel was right, so I proceeded by killing five of them and wounded seven for their troubles."
"Only five? I know you can do better than that!" Hector says with surprise in his eyes.
"Well, you are right there, but they were smart. As soon as I started to shoot, they did take cover behind the isles, and at that point, I killed five of them, so they did know where I was, so I had to move. I shot a few more after relocating and retreated when they were within 200 meters away from me."
"I think you did a good job, and I'm sure even Chameleon will be impressed with this one," Deebs says with a smile.
"How is he enjoying his "punishment" for failing you?" Mikael asks with a smile.
"I think a bit too much. I must be more creative."
"You know, I just happen to know he doesn't like digging, and I did see a few corpses outside," Mikael says with a smile.
"I will keep that in mind, Oh and Chameleon told me that you don't like heights, so if you fail me, I'm sure there are some roof boards that need fixing," Deebs says with a smile.

@K2U @YAKMOUTH @ChaseRP @Final Banksyy @DrMax @Faebloom

Thank you for reading this first chapter of my new fanfiction!
I do wish to say this might take a while, but I know how the ending will be, and I think you all will like it, just be patient. Enjoy the rest of this fanfiction.

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Great stuff. Love to see @Final Banksyymake an appearance.

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Just now, AndreyQ said:

Great stuff. Love to see @Final Banksyymake an appearance.

i am the main chracter of dayzroleplay . com

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Posted (edited)

ops I did read that wrong!

Well, I'm glad to see you two enjoy the story and there will be more comming soon I hope.

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hold up @AndreyQ he flamed us said we need to receive weapons training 🤬


jokes aside nice read interesting perspective for sure woulda been nice to see the C-Block vs Familia battle over the drug trade in the region its a shame people be fruity 

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I really enjoyed this. Please keep me updated on how the surgery goes! 

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Yess... good read 

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Glad you all enjoyed the story. I hope I will be able to put up Chapter 2 today that will add another char from El-Familia to the plot

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Posted (edited)

Chapter 2

As Damian walks into the castle, he can clearly hear Mikael, Deebs, and Hector talking and thinks to himself, "We need to do something about this echo. Everyone can hear everything said in here."
He enters the room, and as he does, Mikael looks up with that look that says, "I know what you have done." before leaving.
Deebs looks up at Damian and smiles at him as she rubs her belly.
"The torture chamber is done, and Sergei is already claiming it for his experiments."
"So any slaves that need punishment after this job?" Deebs asks
"There was one claiming he hurt his leg and could not perform fully."
"I think he needs to learn what pain is all about. Send him to Sergei." Hector says with a grin.
"I love it!" Deebs says with a smile at Hector.
"Also, we need to sound isolate this castle or at least reduce the echo. I heard exactly what you two and Mikael was talking about before I entered the castle." 
"That is a problem," Hector says with some concern in his eyes.
"Get some people in here, and sound isolate the castle. I'm sure one of them has some knowledge about these things." Deebs says and looks over at Damian.
"I will get on it right now."
"Hold up, Damian. Is there an issue between you and Mikael?" Hector asks.
"No...I don't think so; why?"
"No matter, I just noticed he did not greet you as you arrived here."
"Now when you mention it...to be honest, I don't remember last time Mikael and I said "Hi." Well, I don't mind if he wanna play the strong silent guy."
"As long, you don't mind, but I will talk to Mikael and see if there is a problem from his end."
"You do that, and I hope there is no problem. I do like Mikael. He is a cool guy."
"That he is."

Mikael slowly makes his way over the bridge and looks over at Chameleon, who by now he considers his mentor.
"No matter what the others say, that last op you did was a great success. I can't believe you killed five and hurt...how many was it?"
"Seven," Mikael answers in a low tone.
"Well, for a solo mission, you did great. That some complicated shots."
"So, what are we going to do now?"
"It seems like we need some more slaves. Apparently, Sergei wants to do some experimenting with his new torture chamber, and apparently, Hector got some new drug he wishes to test before sending out."
"Well, that sounds easy enough. I'm sure we can find some civilians to get back here."

Stags slowly makes his way into the torture chamber and soon spot Sergei and lower his gaze into the ground out of fear and respect.
"You wish to speak to me, torture master."
"Yes, have a seat," Sergei says as he turns around and gestures toward an intimidating stainless steel chair.
Stags know all too well what will happen next but slowly limps over to the chair and sits down as ordered.
"What have I done, master?" He jumps slightly as he sits, and the pressure-sensitive plate on the chair gets pushed down and locks his arms and feet in place.
"That is a good question. What have you done? Next to nothing to besides telling stories...what are the other slaves call you? The storyteller?"
"Yes, that's right...master."
"Well, Damian is unhappy with your performance in helping build this wonderful room of mine and told us that you complained about your leg."
"Yes, I fell from the garage roof while repairing it. We did not wish for Empress Deebs Glorius Ada to be wet from the rain." Stags says with pride in his voice.
"That is commendable. Too bad you did not treat this project with such devotion," Sergei says as he turns around with a large hunter's knife.
"Now, let's see what's wrong with your leg."
Stags can't help but looks at the large knife as Sergei cuts his raged pants from the thigh to his ankle.
Sergei looks with pleasure at the fear in Stags eyes before talking.
"Well, this doesn't look good. All I can see is a small bruise on your ankle. That can't be too painful."
"I can assure you it is. I think it is broken."
"hmmf," Sergei turns around and walks over to his table and places the knife on the table, and picks up a small sledgehammer.
He walks over to Stags and, without another word, slams the hammer against Stags foot and can hear a loud crack as the foot bends in an impossible way.
Stags scream at the top of his lungs, and tears fill up in his eyes.
"Now it is broken," Sergei says as he turns around and notices a smiling Damian standing there watching his handy work.
"Ahh, Damian, come here. I'm sure you wish to play a bit with this one before he leaves my home."
Damian walks over to Sergei and looks at the table.
"I think it's a bit cold here. Maybe, he needs to be warmed up." Damian says as he picks up a small gas burner.
"I think your right. His hands look a bit cold."
Damian walks over to Stags and presses the small button on the burner, and immediately, a blue flame shows up at the tip of the burner.

Mikael and Chameleon lie in the tall grass at the treeline and look at the small hunting party from a distance. Next to them, there is a large buck lying on the ground.
"Let's go around them and stay in cover. The distance to make a dash for them from here is too far." Chameleon says in a low tone.
"We could, or you could approach them, and ill back you up from here."
"That's a good idea. I'll move a bit more west and follow the southern road toward Green mountain. I'm sure they will notice me. I walk over, and boom, we got them."
"Okey, I'll radio you if they move before you get in position."
Chameleon nods as he quickly and silently makes his way toward the road.
As he reaches the road, he stands up and walks along the road further west before turning south.
It doesn't take long before the men notice him, and Chameleon locks eyes with them and walks over with a smile on his face.
"Hello there!" He calls out as he gets closer to the men.
"Hi, there! I'm Karl. I'm training these men to hunt and take care of the animal in a good way. I gladly train you to if you need it."
"Thank you, but I received some training from a friend of mine. I'm Chameleon." He says as he looks at the other three men around the campfire. Two of them having Winchesters and one an old SKS.
"I'm ready when you are." He hears Mikael in his head phones.
Chamelion moves closer to the fire and responds primarily to Mikael with their code phrase.
"Damn, it's cold today." before he turns and facing the men and raises his G36 that hangs on a chest strap for easy access
"I need all of you to turn away from me and face that tower and drop your weapons, or my trigger-happy friend will drop you before you can even get your gun off your shoulder."


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I love it again. Cannot wait for Dr Mayfield to deliver Deeb's child 🙂 

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I'm actually looking forward to writing about that.

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7 hours ago, VodkaWolf said:

I'm a bit confused, why am I tagged in this?

You are in chapter 2 I picked you because your not in any group

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Posted (edited)

Chapter 3

The men slowly turn around and place their hands on the back of their heads
"Why are you doing this?" A man with confidence in his voice asks.
"Because mother and father demand it, and they always get what they ask for."
"Sounds like slavery to me."
"Funny that you mention that because that's what your profession will be in the near future. Now let's get moving. Move backward toward me until I say stop."
The men start to walk away from their weapons, and when they are a few meters from their guns, Chameleon tells them to stop.
"I got you covered," Mikael says as he comes up behind Chamelion.
He starts by tying up Karl and binds Bailey forming a line. As he reaches the next person, he looks at this Turkish guy.
"You're a tiny one," Chamelion says as he binds him together with the two others.
"I'll show you how tiny I am if you let me loose in a fair fight." He says with a lot of anger in his voice.
"My oh my, we got a steamy one here, Mikael."
Mikael chuckles softly before saying, "Well, I'm sure we can tame him."
As Chameleon walks up to Daniele, Daniele attempts to hit him holding a can of beans.
Chameleon quickly moves to the side, drops the rope, grabs his G36, and in a smooth move, hits Daniele with the buttstock before placing his foot on the rope and looks as the big man sinks to his knee.
"Well, that was stupid." Chameleon says as he picks up the rope again and starts to bind Daniele's hands.
"Okey, let's go."

"Are you ready for this?" The man asks in a heavy Russian accent.
"No, The civilians are too close." The man next to him answers with a heavy Texan accent.
"I agree it is a good call, Aleks. You have learned quickly."
"Thank you, Vadim, it has been a pleasure to learn from you, and I hope we can travel together more in the future."
"Well, that depends on your leaders, I'm only allowed to train you right now, but if we become allies, we might travel some more."
"I love my work with the Transporters, but if they don't come to their senses, I might be forced to leave; after all, neutrality only works if all parties respect it, and I don't think Hector and Deebs are the accepting types."
"Vice words, my friend and I have to agree with you. If El-Familia notices you guys are not only supporting them, I'm sure there will be trouble."
"We can move now. They are below the hill."
"Okey, let's move back toward the cabins."
"So what will happen to those people?" He asks as the two of them stands up, and he shoulders his SVT-40
"Most lightly an addition to the El-Familia army of slaves," Vadim says with sadness in his eyes.
"But you need to remember you made a good call...trust me when I say there is nothing worse than accidentally shooting a civilian...I know." He says as he drifts away in his mind.
"Do you wanna talk about it?"
"It was a situation much like this one...except indoors. There was a hostage situation involving a suicide bomber. I had overwatch and a clear shot on the terrorist...I squeezed the trigger, and as the shot came, he pulled one of the hostages next to him...The bullet passed straight through her and did not even kill the terrorist who had soft armor under his jacket. I could feel the...blast as he detonated his bomb, killing...all 18 civilians. I did not mean to tell you this today, but I think this story can teach you the importance of thinking twice before taking a shot. You never know what can happen."
"I could not even imagine how to live through something like that."
"Good doctors and a loving girlfriend got me through it. I was a wreck, to say the least."

As Mikael and Chameleon walk over the bridge, Manuel comes toward them.
"I see you're bringing gifts." He says with that cocky voice of his and looks over the slaves.
"They look like they are healthy and will bring us a lot of work hours."
"You know the rules. Hector and Deebs get to choose first." Mikael says and gives Manuel the annoying eye.
"Yea, yea, I know. I'm more surprised you remember, Old man."
"I do remember, but you seem to have forgotten, considering I just had to remind you, kid." Mikael counters as they start to walk toward the castle.
"I did not forget!" Manuel shouts behind them
"Yea, you tell yourself that Mr forgetful."
Chameleon chuckles softly at the two friends bickering as they always do.
"Every time you two meet up, you're making my day."
"Well, I'm sure more will come in the future. There is a lot more where that came from." Mikael says with a smile.
As the two men and four slaves enter the castle, they move straight through and into a small quart yard and meets up with Awol as he passes the two of them.
"I see you two had a successful hunt." He says as he passes, seemingly in a hurry to do something.
Mikael and Chameleon nod at him and walks over to Hector and Deebs.

Aleks and Vadim walk up to the massive gates at the Transporters base just outside of Novaya, and one of the men on the inside opens it for them.
As the two of them walk inside in silence, they can see a few CLF people in there. One of the leaders known as Vladimir Kruchakov is talking to Kenny Kowalski.
Aleks moves over to them and, without thinking, starts to talk to Kenny.
As the two men shake hands
"We need allies! We can't continue to play Neutral when several large groups like El-Familia shit on our lawn and asks us to thank them for the honor! I love working for you guys, but if you wish to stay neutral, then..." He stops in mid-sentence as Kenny interrupts him.
"As you can hear from Mr. Aleks here, I'm not the only one that wishes to fight back." He clearly talks to Vladimir but looks at Aleks.
"So as we agreed, we will move out of here as soon as possible and to your compound." He continues, and both men laugh heartily as they look at Aleks.
"Well, now I feel like a jackass." He says and can't help but smile.
"Maybe you should stick to shooting instead of politics," Vadim says with a smile.

@VodkaWolf @AleksObrien @Kranous @Delle @Kontro@Nonplayer @burAlphaAF @SynO @Matt Chillas@K2U @YAKMOUTH

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Omg I got featured in @Aron73fan fic?! Very epic.

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Im a star 🤩 

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3 hours ago, Aron73 said:


I'm here, i read it.

My character isn't Manuel, that's @Matt Chillas.

Nice read tho!

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1 hour ago, AleksObrien said:

Didn’t think my Texan self deserved to be in fan fic 

Everyone deserve a spot Hope you did like it

53 minutes ago, NillerSB said:

I'm here, i read it.

My character isn't Manuel, that's @Matt Chillas.

Nice read tho!

Damn I was so sure it was you!

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5 minutes ago, Aron73 said:

Everyone deserve a spot Hope you did like it

Damn I was so sure it was you!

Nope, i was still Antonio Del Toro.

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Posted (edited)

Well, there is a first time for everything, but someone has asked me to remove his/her char from my Fanfiction, so I will do so out of respect of this person's wishes.
The story will be unchanged, but I will use a different char the next time he or she is mentioned.


So after receiving a message from a moderator and a char mentioned in this story, a small change has been made to the story.

Edited by Aron73
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Much appreciated on the update

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