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prefab on krasnostav terminal

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as our group got approved we were wanting to get a prefab and as we were planning through multiple locations we went through the rules for prefabs we looked at the terminal in airfield krasno aka NE airfield (only the terminal not the entire airfield) , it follows all the rules set out

- "may not be built near any high-end loot zones (primarily mili bases)" , this is the obvious thing that might be talked about as there is i think 1 ATC and 2 hangers (not vanilla buildings , added in with admin tool) on the other side of the terminal and we did make sure they do not spawn any high value loot


i would like to get the opinion of staff and mostly @Roland , as he has the final say on prefabs 


-- thanks for the help in advance




for the mili containers on the side near the building it has a very low loot count on it just for a clear up if it is brought up

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Yes, airfields are too close to loot spawns for a prefab. Choose a different location.

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