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Dynamic Events - PLIKT / Contracts
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Can someone help...? (87.9 Freq)


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  • Sapphire

Minx looks at around as trying to find something with left hand while on other have a radio. She pressed the PTT.

"Uhh I have getting hungry and my lure fishing hook is broken, can someone come and give me a spare lure or fishing hook? I know the last place i know I am at is at the beach...but I will have to find my map to see where I am actually...or about."

She spoke as she sighed. She pressed the PTT again. 

"I can give...something in return...I mean  I have a metal wire, I think it's medium or small shelter kit I found, that was going to be sold on the traders...but can someone bring food and a lure or fishing hook for it?"

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  • Diamond

"For fuck sake. Barrel bitch is that you again?"

*There'd be a pause*

"How many, and do you care if they are bone or plastic?"


"Figure out an exact location, we'll spool up a heli in the meanwhile."


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  • Sapphire
Posted (edited)

Hearing the helicopter fade into distance away from her and she picks up the radio.

"I would like to thank the two guys with helicopter for helping me, I really appreciate it. If I find any ammo or other things I don't need I'll definitely try contact you guys ."

Then there's silence.

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  • Diamond

"Yo, I got some variety pack fishing hooks for sale if interested. Proper lures I suppose for ocean."

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