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[Chernarus] The Corner Where Blood Pools


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*The cracking of a transmission comes in and out of life across the radio, revealing bits of labored breath and groaning, wailing, and barking*

"S-shit.. I think it's dead... no wait, It's working again."

*The labored male voice inhales deeply, transforming a shaky, weary voice into that which you would hear from any polished orator. Constant barking is still heard throughout the transmission*

"Ahh.. as if these sickly aren't enough to d-deal with.. Those wolves got me pretty good back there on the farm... only a few bullets left.. Man are they hardy."

*The man takes a breath and groans before getting his composure*

"They did a number on me.. cornered in this abandoned cabin.. red... red then black. Nothing. Wake up, red again. How much blood have a lost?"

*a fair bit of open air goes on, with groaning and barking, until the man seemingly comes to, having fainted with his thumb on the button*

"Well shit.. I did it again... ahh man.. b-battery is giving in. Anyone inland..? I can't read the sign from here... c-could sure use a hand... O-oh.. anyone seen a girl named Chelsea?  Maybe up North..? Tch. Wasting my time..."

*The sound of a hammer being pulled back. More barking, and then the loud, echoing sound of a rifle before the battery gives out again*

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18 hours ago, Duelly said:


"Say less."

"Where are you located? We can spool the heli at a moments notice."


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Posted (edited)

*The man stares at the radio incredulous as it seems to come to life. He shakes his head for a moment, and takes a swig from a flask before picking up the radio once again, taking a deep breath*

"Delusions from blood loss... did you say.. heli-as in helicopter..?."

*The voice was shaky and unsure. The man was surprised to hear another voice on the line, much less someone mentioning a helicopter. It was almost too good to be true. He began weighing his suspicions carefully against his desperation*

"Ahh.. last I checked.. just north of Dubrovka... close to an old farm...."

*The man trailed off and released the transmitter, taking the stranger's advice to conserve his words, which didn't sound like a bad idea considering his jacket sleeve was stained with the blood he would cough up on occasion. He closed his eyes to take a rest, wondering if this false sense of hope was itself a delusion as he slipped back into unconsciousness*

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