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Increase Melee weapon durability.

Melee Weapon Durability.  

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Is it just me but I can't figure out how to repair bats or knives. Is there something I'm missing or can we get an increase on durability.

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Need to add a poll mate, otherwise its gonna get locked. 

Any 'bladed' Melee weapon (such as knives, axes etc.) can be repaired with a sharpening stone. These are a bit rare but can be bought from the civilian trader. 

Unfortunately most other Melee weapons cannot be fixed. 

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As Taffinator said,
Please add a unbiased poll and formulate your suggestion a bit more clear.


As for durability, there have been changes to firearms, but not to melee weapons. As for as I know this has stayed the same and some things have already been made more durable in the DayZRP mod. Durability of firearms however is something bohemia recently introduced. American and automatic weapons will need more maintenance, while hunting weapons and bolt action rifles need less maintenance.

Most melee weapons can be fixed with a sharpening stone or ductape.

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Thanks for the responses, I added a poll as suggested. I know about sharpening stones but I use a bat, and after only a few infected its almost completely damaged. Also hammers and saws are not repairable as well. Since they are so hard to find they shouldn't be unrepairable.

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