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[Chernarus] A Hungry Ghost

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The sound of static is heard as the radio is being turned on. The voice of a familiar man to some is heard as deer bellow in the background


“Just like the deer in the forest, I am invincible to them. They are silent to my movements and unaware of my intentions. Whether directly or indirectly, this is how I must move now. Being a Ghost will save your life. Planning will save the lives around you"


The faint sound of a silent gunshot is heard. The crunch of twigs snap below. Once again, the radio is brought close to his mouth again


“However, greed and lust has driven us to become very wild animal that lay before me. Weak, frail, short term. I shall not follow the sheep on their journeys for an unfulfilling death" 


The sound of a book opening is heard, the man clears his throat


“As the lord said: It is the men of sinful actions actuated by their previous misdeeds who become ghosts after death.” 


The book is heard to close


“You shall remain unaware till your penance is treated. My desire to treat this penance is unwavering and until this job is done, I will not be fulfilled”


Quietness overtakes the airwaves as the radio signal goes dead



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