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[Chernarus] A different cry for help


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*A Japanese woman comes over the radio.*


*She sounds in agony; whimpers and moans of pain.*

"Surrounded by wolves... they keep coming. Wounds are infected I think. I can't see anything. Everything blurry... no gun. Anyone... able to help? Contact me on 103.3." ((Empress_Julia#8118))

*She releases the PTT*

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A female voice comes over the radio
First sounds like she is saying to herself

Tak tak tak tak always when i am being hunted eh?....


Girl, i cant help you personally, but i'm a combat medic, hear what i will tell you and do it... will hurt a little, but will fix...

You will need warm water, then, if u can, do not use alcohol. Put your wound in there for at least five minutes, make sure to be all cleaned.

Then, check the wound if it is too deep, if it is, you will need a sewing kit, and well, patch it up, gently.

Then cover the wound with some bandage, and make sure to take some antibiotics, once at four hours, and change the bandage everyday at least.

If you can't do it, i'm sorry, now someone out there now what to do.

Radio goes silent

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