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[Chernarus] A Cry for Help

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The radio would static for a moment as it sounded like it was being fiddled with, before a tired woman's voice would come through the receiver,

"Ahoj... I am looking for someone to speak at... a doctor, maybe. There is a lot I like to talk about to someone in confidence.... please contact my private frequency - ( Beansy#2330). We can discuss more detail there, should you need. Děkuju..."

The radio falls silent.

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A Female voice with a strange accent comes over the radio

I wish i could help, but i'm kind of busy nowaday...
But i know who can help you, reach the Summer camp, down Severograd, they will know what to do.

Radio goes silent

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"Yo cutie, if you need some assistance we can expedite the search for your special doc."


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A Russian heavy-accented person would speak on the radio

"Privjet comrade, you said you needed help? Tell location and I will most definitely send help"

A background voice comes over the radio

"Похоже на чернарусскую идиотку, может, на националистку?"

The heavy accented man responds back to the voice in the background
"Без подсказки"

"Anyway... Sounds you need... Help, I can arrange that with my comrades"

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"Stop by the TRANSPORTERS compound in a few hours. Perhaps we can talk in person."

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