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Adding the EOS mod?

Add EOS?  

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Posted (edited)

This is a new and upcoming mod made by Kaffeina, who made the Nature Overhaul mod, EOS stands for Environment Overhaul System.

The mod adds overgrown roads and trails and the whole northern part of Chernarus is covered in snow. 
I've talked to him personally and he said he is working on making the northern part colder than vanilla, so it would match the snowy areas. 
It's a plug and play mod, but will also be modular in the future, so you can take those parts you like the most and just add them if you want, so it's very customizable. 

He is currently working on the cold and adding snow covered trees to the northern part.

Taken from his Discord: EOS features a collection of redone default assets and systems from the DayZ Standalone. Adding a new clutter system, new and reworked grass, new snow models and other replacement HQ assets. Every single standalone road have been modified, covering roads with dense grass. Every city is being covered in a apocalyptic atmosphere, overhauled by nature. Lastly, this mod features a frozen snow terrain for the northern part of the Chernarus map, with dense snow layers for you to discover.

He also stated that the performance will be the same or even better in some areas. So it shouldn't be a performance hog...

Here is a trailer for the mod and benchmark: 


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  • Emerald

As it's a work in progress, no.

When it is finished and fully optimized then im more then happy to give it a +1 though.

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I'm all for changing up the terrain to show the evolution of mother nature in the area. It'll add that much needed feel of a crumbled society. It would also add character to the area instead of another forest in another eastern town.


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Just now, NillerSB said:

As it's a work in progress, no.

When it is finished and fully optimized then im more then happy to give it a +1 though.

Yes, work in process. He said 1-2 months, but not 100% certain.

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  • Head Admin

Looks amazing but I'm voting no as we have other things in the works that will make this redundant.

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While it looks pretty baller, I'm having to vote no as it would mess up our established lore and be unseen (gas would stop like 90% of the server seeing this mods effects...) 

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  • Moderator

Nope, summer's around the corner, so we don't need this whole overgrown and snow thing.


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  • Diamond

I've seen this mod and some other similar to it and even though they're very cool, it just wouldn't work here due to our lore, however in the future it would be cool to have a lore that is more friendly to mods like these, I think future lores should be years into the future and not like all the lores we have had recently where we're right at the start of a pandemic/early stages of an apocalypse. It would be really cool to RP within a Lore where the world has ended for a decade already and more mods like these could be used while still having our own lore factions.

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  • MVP

I will push for this/other similar mods in the future when it makes more sense. Right now I don't see this working.

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  • Emerald

This looks amazing and would fit well on the server 😄

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