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Remove the placeable Easter Eggs

Remove the placeable Easter Eggs  

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The placeable easter eggs clutter the loot tables and provide nothing of use or value that I've seen. 

This poll is in addition to the previous topic in which the easter eggs came up:

On 5/10/2021 at 5:58 AM, Whitename said:

There’s 2 types of easter eggs

1. a modded one that can be placed

2. a vanilla one that literally captures animals and zombies inside it and can be deployed like a pokeball

#2 is already removed

The eggs make no sense lore-wise and offer no in-game benefit besides decoration for a holiday that's not so long passed. I think that clearing them from the loot tables to give other, useful items an opportunity to spawn is good for the server.

Or let me eat them idk

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I believe there was a previous thread about floaties and Easter eggs, but apparently only the floaties and the "poke ball Easter eggs" got removed. But the community declared war on ALL Easter eggs as they are about as useful as the button pins were. So yes, please remove them.

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Posted (edited)

Yes, REMOVE THEM! I have been arguing to have them removed and @Whitenameis more than aware of the community wanting them to be removed 



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