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Warning and ban.

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I have been on this server 2016, with no warning points.

It was not my purpose to come back to my body, and as you maybe can see in the logs i did not loot any corpses.

It was a honest mistake and i am sorry, did not even know how much time has past.

I take the warning points but a 2 day ban, i hope you guys could please reconsider.

ohh sorry 2 days and 11 h ban


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Greetings McHogan,

The warning came with the standard punishment and unfortunately NLR bans are not appealable. This was announced in this thread by the owner himself. We understand that it is frustrating to receive warning points for this, but as shown in the logs that were included in your warning, it is clear that you went back to your body and therefore breaking rule 3.4.

Make sure to not return to your body in the future. If you are not sure about how much time has passed, then you can always avoid the area for a while. Mistakes can be made, so just take this into account for the future and don't do it again.

//Closed - warning and points remain.

Signed: @Baskoand @Lettuce.

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