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[Chernarus] Doctors looking for extra security

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The radio comes to life as a american male is heard speaking through it. 


Hello. I'd like to take time to ask if anyone would be interested in protecting doctors as they do their work. Jobs simple to be honest.. don't let people harm or Big dick the doctors. So far there are... Erm... Six? Doctors. Unfortunately, two people can't protect all of them.... The job doesn't pay, but you'll have a place to sleep, eat, clean water and a share amongst our supplies. The doctors are great people.. I'd Appreciate anyone that decided to come and help protect them, or join our ranks"


The man let's go of the PTT, the radio filling with static as the message ends. 

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A Female voice with a strange accent comes over the radio

To join or help at your ranks, you need to give a location or meeting point,
As a combat medic i could offer a hand in both ways, if need it.


I also think you should take care of saying vital informations... some people just want you to say they cant do something, and they will consider as a challenge...
Watch your both six as you told your numbers.

Radio goes silent

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A quick burst of static followed by a British accent breaks through the airwaves.

"You're going to struggle to attract mercenaries to a job that doesn't pay, my lad. I'll keep an eye out for any doctors in distress on my travels.

Best of luck. Out."

More static rushes from the radio as the PTT is released, followed by silence.

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The american male comes across the radio.      


"If you're interested, ma'am. You can go to severograd and we'll set something up. Get a few of our people to meet you" 


the radio goes silent. Filling with static 




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