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[Chernarus] Music


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  • Emerald

The following music can be heard over the radio, the quality is shitty and static sometimes cuts in



"Дела были так себе, мы сгорали дотла"
"Ебал твои баксы, я грёбаный атлант"
"Этот мир коллапс, и меня он не впирал"
"Она хотела ласки, я же хотел умирать"



When you feel cold and stony,
and lonely in your heart,
Come to the stairs of Hermitage
to join a real art.
With no bread and water,
without any rest
Atlantes are there, holding
the sky on their hands

The voice of Vasily Ivanov is then heard over the frequency

"Remember at the end of the day we are all people."

"But stand for what is right, for otherwise we loose our humanity."

Transmission end.

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  • Emerald

*The radio transmission starts, the voice of Dean Miller can be heard*

"Vasily? Are you there? I received this message, i recognised your voice!"
"I told you about are new place.. Its a gone.. It all has been lost.."
"You told me you would go there, please don't, its not worth it anymore."
"Houston got shot, we have a place to stay now and he is doing ok.. It think.."
"Oh fuck it hurts..!"

*It sounds like someone is panting on the background*
*Dean tells Houston something in Dutch*

"When we got attacked i turned on my radio, if we died at least everyone could hear it wasn't our fault.."
"I lost the radio when i tried to get Houston out of there"
"Ill talk to you soon, take care comrade!"

*Transmission ends*

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