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A fine start to the day.

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*A man wakes up, wipes the sleep from his eyes. Crawls out of his hiding space in the attic rafters and looks out the window*

Says to himself quietly, "What a fine start to the day".

*A man sets the frequency on his radio to "87.8" and pushes the PTT buttom on his radio and with a sigh says*

"It looks like you have setup camp in my house, it appears I am your prisoner. While I have no issues sharing the bounties of this fine location, I do value my freedom. For the sake of any misunderstandings, please reply to this radio communication. Location South of Severograd, EAST of devil's castle. I will monitor for the following frequency "87.8" (//discord: Blom#1372) every hour".

*A man releases the PTT buttom on his radio and lets out another sigh*

Thinks to himself, "Why can't  things ever be easy".

*A man repeats the transmission on all available radio channels*

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