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Hello, Im Hunt- coming over from console with friends.

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Hello all,

Everyone calls me Hunt- im very new to PC; im still working things out. I lead a faction on console for a couple years. We were neutral merchants, taxi drivers, and mechanics.  Im so new to PC that im having a really hard time. Im working on getting all my guys transferred to PC but it might take us about 6 weeks. I could really use some help honestly when it comes to navigating the PC world. We look forward to adding to your community once we are good and grounded.


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  • Sapphire

You're in a good community. Any questions or help will be answered and with a timely manner!

PC can be daunting as it's a whole different ball game when compared to Console but you'll get it soon enough. Check out the Discord as there is a help channel there, you'll typically get quicker responses but if you don't mind the wait, hop over to the help section here on the forums.

Good luck on your whitelist, and welcome!

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  • Diamond

Greetings @Hunt420WV,

don't worry there are many people here that can get you covered when it comes to the PC. Just ask on discord or here in forum in Questions or in Troubleshooting  depending on what your question or issue is. Enjoy your stay!

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  • Emerald

Welcome to PC and the Community, I remember moving to PC in 2015 and could hardly work a keyboard without looking at it. It's comes easy over time so don't worry too much. Any questions or concerns feel free to ask anyone, I'm sure they'll help out.

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  • MVP

Welcome to the community pal, best of luck with your whitelisting process 😃 !

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  • Administrator

Welcome to the community, hope ya enjoy the place like others do.

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