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Appeal for Lying/Witholding evidence

Lucky Luke

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Posted (edited)

Link to source or punishment: https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/107133-s1-metagaming/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-1916295

Why the verdict wasn’t fair: I would not call what I did lying or withholding evidence

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

Contrary to what I said before, I will appeal the points because I’m quite happy with the outcome of the community meeting and the matters discussed there.

But as for my POV, I at no point during the report tried to hide evidence or lie about it. The first video posted in the report was not a video meant to be posted into a report. The video was shared around the raid group to view people’s actions in the raid and how they did. At the time when I was writing my first POV, I did not even remember I had a longer version of it. And the second it was even mentioned there might be a longer version, I posted the full version without hesitation as seen from the sc.


Bonus point: The situation is almost 100% similar to this one https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/105461-lying-in-report-appeal/?tab=comments#comment-1893157 and the appeal was accepted(almost atleast).

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed and the rest of the duration of the ban removed.

What could you have done better?: Post full videos right away I guess.

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Hello @Lucky Luke

a separate team of staff have looked over your appeal and have come to the conclusion to accept it.

While you originally post a cut version of your video, you did in fact provide everything that got asked for after the fact. Also, the cut out part of the video did not hide any rule-breaks or evidence from us. However, the attitude you've shown towards staff members in the report had me shaking my head while going through it again. In future always provide the uncut video evidence and don't get snarky when the GM or Admin team asks you for it.

With that being said:

/Appeal accepted; Ban lifted and points removed.

Solved by @Bryan with @Inferno

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