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going out of rp?

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hi all. 

just a question. i keep having someone who's either dropping out of rp a fairly often or talking to me via steam about ingame things. ive already told him not to do that but its still going on.. 

i mean wasnt it against the rules? 

like giving eachothers location? 

anyway i feel like it is cheating so i dont respond. but what do i do about it?

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The best thing for you to do is create a report against the person, so the staff team can take a look at everything to see what going on and if any rules are being broken.

I will link the report section below, please use the report template provided.


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This could have also be posted in staff questions. Also discord #help channel is a good one for this.
Tell him to leave ooc things aside.

If it is a simple "where you at ig? I wanna rp" - something that stays between you both , i would not worry. If your characters know each other they can be in contact via radio.
If he gives you ooc hints on for example: i will initiate in a second, get ready - on steam , without saying anything ig - that would be metagaming.
If you act ic on ooc knowledge that makes you a guilty too.


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46 minutes ago, Anime EDM said:

its more stuff like him giving me his location via steam to pick him up.. 

Well I guess then just message him back, saying you wont bpick him up since your characters dont know each other and would not know their locations - if that is the case.

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