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Server time (UTC): 2021-08-01 05:01

PLIKT -- O-Squad Patrol -
TODAY | 2021-08-01 19:00:00 (server time) | Starts in 13 hours, 58 minutes | Nyheim City

S1 Civilian Trader, AOGM


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Server and location: S1 Civilian Trader

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 14:56

Your in game name: Daniil Turgenev

Names of allies involved: none

Name of suspect/s: Logs will show

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Covered UAZ 4 seater

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Detailed description of the events: Pulled up to the civilian trader right as server was restarting, and noticed at least 1 person there. As soon as server restarted I got back in as quickly as possible (game hard crashed) and when I got back in the UAZ was gone, with one individual still being at tents. Went to HD after leaving the area and was able to confirm that the suspect logged in and quickly drove off with the UAZ.

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Connection Logs:


11:00:22 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" is connected
14:56:41 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" has been disconnected
14:59:52 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" is connected

13:54:24 | Player "Oddur Trondheim" is connected
14:56:08 | Player "Oddur Trondheim" has been disconnected
14:58:47 | Player "Oddur Trondheim" is connected

11:10:55 | Player "Jason Bender" is connected
14:56:41 | Player "Jason Bender" has been disconnected
14:58:47 | Player "Jason Bender" is connected

Position Logs:


14:55:29 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" (pos=<1050.6, 2270.1, 6.8>) 
15:03:43 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" (pos=<976.4, 2074.7, 5.8>) 
15:08:43 | Player "Daniil Turgenev" (pos=<1108.0, 2621.1, 1.5>) 

14:55:29 | Player "Oddur Trondheim" (pos=<737.9, 1898.7, 6.1>) 
15:03:43 | Player "Oddur Trondheim" (pos=<56.8, 1652.4, 12.2>) 
15:08:43 | Player "Oddur Trondheim" (pos=<59.1, 1656.5, 12.5>) 

14:55:29 | Player "Jason Bender" (pos=<769.1, 1867.3, 6.0>) 
15:03:43 | Player "Jason Bender" (pos=<600.3, 1786.5, 6.3>) 
15:08:43 | Player "Jason Bender" (pos=<60.8, 1655.6, 12.2>) 

Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have:
@Zanaan | Daniil Turgenev | OP

@FruitPunchG | Oddur Trondheim | POSTED
@Jason Bender | Jason Bender | POSTED

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As both @FruitPunchGand @Jason Bender have been on the forums and in-game since being called into this report, they will be temporarily banned until they provide their POVs.

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Went to meet Jason at Civilian Trader, ran from NWAF. 

We finally met up, server is about to restart - I log off in the woods across the road.

When I got back in and ran back to Civilian trader I saw a UAZ spawn. I drove off to east.

I contacted Jason that I got us a car and he quickly told me that the car is not a spawn and he saw someone drove in right before restart. We quickly drove towards west where Jason saw him left off to find him. We found a 3rd person on the road but it was not him - then we proceeded to Zelegorsk.

Sorry for stealing your car, I can see that it was unfair and provided no RP - I thought it was a spawn and got too excited.

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Was wating to meet oddur at Civilian Trader, as he was coming down from a hunting trip.

the last i heard from him over the radio was that he was close by apx. 2 min out this was right before server restart.

When i was got logged back in the car was gone and the owner came in at right after me, i talked to him quick and he was a bit upset as i can understand, he then immediately ran off to the west. Not even 1 min went by as i still waited for Oddur at the trader he then calls me that he found a car just infront of the trader and drove off east with it, i start running and telling him over the radio that the car was somebody elses and he just was at the trader. i ran towards oddur and meet him and we drove off to find the owner with no luck sadly.

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Thank you for your POVs @Jason Bender and @FruitPunchG, your temp bans will now be removed. Please keep an eye on the forums in case we have further questions about this report.

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Eh, I'll go ahead and drop this and consider an unfortunate (albeit suspicious) coincidence. The logs do show you logging out early, so its possible you weren't aware of my arrival.

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The staff team have reviewed your request to close this report @Zanaan and we have decided to Accept it. If you would like to talk about this report together in the discord with the staff team present, you can reach out to one of our staff members preferably a Gamemaster+.

//Closed on request

Signed @Realize @Hofer

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