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Increase the Durability of SMGs and Pistols


Increase Durability of SMGs & Pistols  

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  • Diamond
Posted (edited)

Since Pistol calibers are a more viable option, I have been spending lots of time using them (9mm & .45acp). And I have noticed that after a 30-50 rounds, the weapon degrades an entire level. This is a bit unfair and I implore that we increase the weapon durability of these weapons significantly. Not saying make them invincible, just make them more durable when firing. I own guns in real life and I can tell you from first hand experience, they do NOT degrade easily. Please up firearm durability when firing. PLEASE! 

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Weapons should be more durable, during one firefight my SVD went from Pristine to Damaged after firing somewhere around 40 bullets, and that's bad, unrealistic to be fair. If not increasing durability, maybe make it possible to repair them back to Pristine quality.

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  • Moderator

All weapons degrade at an increased rate to force people into weapon maintenance I personally think ALL weapons need to be more durable.

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  • Emerald

I think there is no issue with the way the weapons are currently.. the deterioration / rate of durability seems fine to me.. so i have voted no.

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  • Emerald

+1 from me, since it's an annoyance to have to scurry behind cover during a firefight and risk being killed simply because I shot a few rounds and my gun goes from pristine to damaged.

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Alternatively, it would be cool to see an increase in the spawns of gun cleaning kits or being able to use half a roll of duct tape to get things ship shape again. After all, duct tape fixes anything.

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  • Emerald

I think having weapons jam and degrade is one of the key aspects of the game. It can be an annoyance but it can happen to anyone at anything which is a charm in my eyes. A shitty inconvenience charm but a charm nonetheless. Gonna be a no for me.

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Then maybe let them get jammed at higher rate but be more durable in the end. There are many types of gun jamming irl and in most cases it doesn't lead to decreasing gun's quality after unjamming.

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  • Developer

The deterioration of weapons is part of the core game mechanic of weapons jamming, I believe only damaged weapons jam. I'm all for making pistols actually worth carrying so I'd vote yes on increasing at least the durability of those, but not sure about all weapons.

This is not as daunting a task as one might think so here it is for reference for @Whitenameif we add this:

class Pistol_Base: PistolCore
	damagePerShot = 0.05; // default 0.1

same goes for Rifle_Base, which has the 0.05 value already.

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