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Build anywhere mod suggestion.

Should the "BuildAnywhere" mod be added?  

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Hey there!
The spots where you can place/build fences is very limited..
I decided to look around for a mod/plugin to fix this and i found one! (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1854626456)
With more-doors removed i think this is a pretty good addition to secure our bases, homes and other stuff a little better.
The biggest reason i would like to see this added is the RP possibilities, the big groups have the option to place a prefab border around their compound without the limits of a sidewalk etc, if this mod could be implemented on the server other people are allowed to place fences on sidewalks and block some doors to make a safe compound and maybe create little communities with their own safe zones.

With the expansion walls mod you still can't places the walls if the game thinks the floor is not flat enough

Edited by Cherrygamer
Added: With the expansion walls mod you still can't places the walls if the game thinks the floor is not flat enough
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  • MVP

Expansion walls already have build anywhere so no point to add the mod

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  • Moderator

No need for the mod. The fact that the Build Anywhere option is disabled from Expansion is explained by Roland over here :

Basically it would give people the opportunity to create some AOGM like structures (like clipping walls inside buildings) so to avoid it and also avoid having staff monitor bases constantly it's better not to have it on.

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  • Emerald

No, i remember people used to glitch tents in the wall so they couldn't be dismantled..

as well as the massive abundance of makeshift tents everywhere which caused performance issues... imo is a no.

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  • Administrator

No, last time we had that mod people made super forts and placed stuff where it either levitated or was half way through a wall. I understand the want but no, ain’t gonna agree for it if people keep doing that

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  • Diamond

I’d like it back, but staff can’t trust the players to use it responsibly, so I don’t see it getting readded.

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