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[Chernarus] We are losing ground


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  • Sapphire

Interference is heard on all frequencies, a hard cough heard through before a Russian voice spoke through.

"People of Chernarus, I am Sasha... and I am here to bring bad news...

Last night, striking almost midnight, the Black NBC... Trash People, The Gas Terror attacked Novodimitrovsk and the people living within, including myself and my bratri. The battle was unexpected and we were ambushed with the deadly toxic gas that flooded the North Western territory of the Oblast...


A bomb was found and detonated, we were too late and inevitably lost the fight... we are now forced out, and soon will be losing ground, at break of dawn, in the horizon, a thick green smoke is coming... if we do not stand against this threat, we will be cornered and without a doubt, lose forever.


I feel the distrust if Russia to any, local or foreign, but the time to fight between West and East is over, now survival is on the table. Pick up arms against these attackers, and defend our lives and survival, or succumb to them. Over... and out."

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  • Diamond

A familiar middle aged Chernarussian man speaks over the radio. He sounds sober to those who know him

"Brave men and women of Chernarus, heed this warning and unite to fight those who wish ill upon the New Republic of Chernarus! The Russian Federation is gone but Chernarus is not lost. May all Slavs stand together as brothers and sisters and our foreign friends and defeat the enemies of a free God loving nation! Slava Unity & Peace! Slava Chernarus!" 

He'd put his radio down and leave to gather his things



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  • Emerald

Vasily's voice comes through the radio, he sounds infuriated

"Josef you have NO right to call for Russians and Chernarussians to fight alongside eachother, do not think i forgot your slanderous calls against me and my people."

"You have not ONCE spoken on behalf of the betterment of the people so do not pretend that you are starting to care now, you only care about having control."

"Control over those who you so foolishly call your Brothers and Sisters, control over men and women defending themselves, control over those who seek to protect what remains"

"You are a traitor to not only Humanity but your own people, the CLF threw you of your throne to avoid another Dictator in their lands."

"I fear that you will never see a trial, because if you did you would be found guilty of treason to your own land."

"But yes, for now Russians and Chernarussians alike should but their differences aside to defeat the ones trying to eradicate the remaining population of South Zagoria."

"That was all."

Transmission end.

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Posted (edited)

The radiowaves sit silent for a moment, before someone taps in, a crisp, clear voice, speaking, a rather tell-tale accent of a Chernarussian, likely from an intact field transciever:
"While the gassing of Novodimitrosk is unfortunate, this call you have made would be more directed toward the second present hostile force, that self-identifies itself as "Chedaki" or what is left of them."
A brief pause of silence, before the man resumes speaking, "Relics of an old war, the festering wound of this country that refuses to join opened hands, only meeting them with weapons and demands. I doubt they have interest in cooperating with anyone who identifies themselves as a chernarussian." 

"I commend your optimism <friend>, but i doubt mere words will be sufficent to convince them to put aside their zeal."

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  • Diamond
Posted (edited)

Rolls his eyes and replies

"Spoken like someone who has not paid attention to anything but what ever his mind wishes to be true. You clearly didn't hear my resignation speech or anything. I care not for your words. It's your problem, not mine. Stop trying seek out enemies everywhere you look. You'll stress yourself out and die young. I stand by my principals still. Unity and Peace. So we do agree. What a surprise. Let's fight together against these bastards who spread this gas! Slava Chernarus!" 


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*The radio crackles to life, you can hear birds tweeting and woods creaking in the gentle wind, then an elderly Russian accented voice speaks*

"Sasha, you are alive! The Almighty be praised and is truly merciful, it is good to hear your voice! Well spoken brat, we shall show united front against the wicked as it seeks to destroy us all!"

*A flipping of book pages can be heard before the voice resumes*

"As it is written in the letter to the Galatians: "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus". So all Pravoslav faithful should stand up as one, facing the common enemy! Never forget: Русские не сдаются! (Russians don't surrender!). But you don't even have to be Russian, as long as there is a love for God and Motherland in your hearts and minds and Slav blood in your veins, you all should fight till the last drop and the final breath! "

*The man coughs and the transmission ends there.*

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  • Diamond

Listens to the brief sermon

"I stand by what the religious man says."

Goes back to pack his gear

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Posted (edited)

Mikael listens to the radio and stands up, folding his hands as he listens to the preacher before he presses the PTT and speaks.

I'm no soldier; I'm a truck driver. Some of you know me as Mikael; some know me as Mr. Fiftycal. I have grown to like this country that we all share and by now call our home. I, for one, am willing to fight and, if needed to die for my home. If you need a Sniper, truck driver, or car mechanic, then you can count on me.
Slava Chernarus!

Mikael lets go of the PTT and starts packing his things.

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  • Emerald

*A transmission would come through on the radio, it would be partially gargled.*


"Whoever that man is speaking about 'no right for chernorussians and russians to come together' you are a clown, both goverments have fallen and we live in a new age, the only 'russians' here are us and we do not care about nationalities or borders.. people like you are the issue.. people who cling onto old world ideologies and still have prejudice's for our fathers sins. may you find peace in your solitude."

*there would be a small break*

"Also i am unsure why this propaganda that came from the svobodny that we are the chedaki is roaming the winds of south zagoria, just because 3 of my comrades wear a star on their beret doesn't mean we as a whole are the chedaki, again just another gullible has-been trying to fear monger.. only if you people could fathom and grasp the plans we have for EVERYBODY, regardless of your race, sex, nationality, country of origin.

the old world blues."

*the radio would fizzle out*

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  • Legend

*A tired, almost broken sounding Daniil is briefly heard on the radio*

Novo... christ. I just can't be everywhere at once to handle this shit. They are getting bolder and have more resources than I do...

We need to work together. We can worry about who's land is who's, and who disrespected who after. This is everyone's fight. 

*The sound of a bottle hitting stone, the sound echoing is heard before he continues*

If anyone knows where these assholes are coming from, speak up now. We need to try and take the fight to them. 

*The radio cuts out then*

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  • Moderator

*A large yawn is heard before an even bigger sigh.* 

Lets get a few things straight, none of the cunts giving it the big one were even at green mountain besides Daniil. Mikael, no one knows you as "Mr. Fiftycal" and last I checked you weren't there either so behave. These "Chedaki" claims are a waste of everyone's time and energy because last time I checked besides us they were the only people that assisted in Novodimitrovsk last night. I couldn't give a monkeys chuff who is who and what or when or where or why. This is why we're "losing ground". Shelf your ego's, shelf your petty squabbles and sort it out or guess what? We will lose more ground. 

SO unless someone has anything important to add to this discussion get the fuck off the radio. 

Now, we need to organize a plan and we need to organize it together so lets stop waving our nobs around and do that. Uber HQ near Novaya ran by the Transporters is neutral ground. Once you enter those gates you leave your shit outside. People who ACTUALLY WANT TO FIGHT and stop this, come by and leave us your frequency and we will organize this properly by our rules. If you come by, say you'll do something but don't turn up? You'll be treated just like the people in black.

*You'd hear sheets of papers being moved before a helicopter in the distance and the radio going silent.*

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