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BBQ and Car-Wash!


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The radio comes to life and some chit chat can be heard in the background before a female voice with a russian accent speaks up. 

“Privjet Ladies and Gents! It is your favourite russian lady Jana here ~! So after ladies night was a success - we had drinks, we had snacks, we had games! And hey, we are all still alive. Who would have thought, you folks out there worried for nothing - anyway … after that was a success us ladies had a chat about the next big thing. And we came to the decision to involve the men as well this time. The more, the merrier, da?” 

She hands over the radio to the next lady, who speaks with an english accent. 

"We are going to have a dual activity evening this time! Comprising of a car wash and a BBQ for all those that wish to attend. Be ye' hungry and have a growling tummy we shall be handing out plenty of steaks and slightly improvised burgers! No boiled steaks this time, I promise. If you also have a car, the roads are hella muddy sometimes so no doubt it's going to be messy on the outside, if you can't be arsed to clean it yourself then you can come down to support us and we'll clean it for you!"

Finally, a third voice comes over the radio, a timid american voice.

“We won’t be letting Eva cook... Please keep in mind, while we are happy to help clean your cars, keep your hands to yourselves. Any unwelcome gestures towards the women will not be tolerated. That being said, come on up, enjoy the food and the laughs. Even if you haven’t got a car, there will be plenty of conversation to be had”

"Da. Do not touch without consent or it will have consequences ~ 

Somewhere in the background another lady can be heard whispering “I have consent, right?”

“Da! You do - Also ... I still don't get why you ever boiled steak Eva. That's like a sin. I'm not the best cook but even I don't do that …”

"It was one time and I only had a cooking pot with water...I was hungry so they had to be boiled"

“Yeah … sure … anyway, as for the place and time - we will be at the Transporters Compound in Novaya, and the whole thing will take place on Friday, starting around 9PM GMT! 
If anyone else wants to volunteer to help out, contact one of us ladies privately, da? Feel free to ask if you have any questions and we do hope to see you there!"

Some laughter and chit chat can be heard, as well as a women loudly singing russian songs, with Jana joining in before the signal cuts out. 


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  • Sapphire

*Aleksei Morozov picks up his radio in pure confusion*

"Eh .. hello, if i don't have car , can i come for wash ?"

*Aleksei Morozov quickly puts down his radio*

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*Nate would hold the PTT on his radio*

"Uh... I might come by with my whip to see about that. Barbeque sounds good too."

*You would hear the voice of Colar Novok before Nate releases his PTT*


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  • Sapphire

*Nicholai would miss the ptt button about 4 times before finally hitting it correctly*


"Is there limit on amount of car?"


*Nicholai would release the button and patiently wait for an answer.*

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  • Emerald

Vasily's voice comes over the radio

"Nicholai shut up blyat, of course there is no limit on car amount"

"My comrades will show up with plenty of cars to wash Da?"

"Just make sure there is plenty of barbeque for us, we are plenty of hungry men"

Transmission end 

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  • MVP

A cheerful voice with a russian accent comes over the radio

“Alright Alright ~ just here to clarify a few things and answer some questions!”

She clears her throat

“If you don’t have a car you can still come by for the BBQ - however we only wash cars, we don’t wash people - go take a fuckin shower!” 

She pauses and some rustling of paper can be heard

“Also nyet, no limit on amount of cars.” 

After a brief pause she continues

“We gonna move this whole thing over to the water pump in Novaya … because I feel like we will need a lot of water …
 anyways … see you in a few hours! I need to go and start preparing shit …”

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