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UP 1.5, 3 points

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair: it seems like it was dished out with little thought. The suggestion was about adding a dog mod and to vote and reply why. I was asked to reply why I voted the way I did. I said I love dogs, Han Lee (my character rip) loves dogs, this looks great, add please. I agreed with almost every one in that thread and even tied my response to my character- as Woody tied it to his- he often speaks of his dog. These are only my opinions and if someone wanted to reply, I’d happily tell them more.  


Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: if you skim through the thread you can see others were not hit with UP and their responses I feel like would not lead towards a discussion and one offering the edition of a Cat mod. All of which not hit with UP, if this is the new standard of suggestion nitpicking and giving out meaningless points. 060A425D-4751-4EDD-8F17-C78EABBBB1B4.png.08dbc24ca9bbc42b78e52fe1f24ef3f0.png



What would you like to achieve with this appeal: points removed 

What could you have done better?: said I, personally love dogs, my character loves dogs, this looks great and I’d like to see this added. 

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Hello @tz,

The staff team have reviewed this and have decided to Accept it. Your post did not break rule 1.5 as stated in your warning. Your post was not to a low standard, it was meaningful to the thread, and it contributed to the thread. If your post in the suggestion thread was a post that just said +1 then sure that breaks the rule 1.5 as you could have easily just submitted your vote to the thread via the poll, but that's not what happened and that is why we have chosen to accept.

//Appeal accepted + Points & warning revoked.

Signed @Realize @Basko

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