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Appeal 1.5 - 3 points.


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

Why the verdict is not fair: Someone asked to give thoughts on a thread and I gave my thoughts.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I don't normally make appeals for being pointed on the forums cause I don't really care to much as I follow IG rules and know I am not going to be banned, but this right here is beyond insanity. I am being warned for saying " All the YES ". this is not memey. I really want this mod on the server.

I was told and I quote " We have found that your post added nothing of value to the thread and did not contribute towards the discussion of that thread." So my opinion on this topic is not valued, do I really need to go into extreme detail on why I want this, I see dozens of posts on Suggestion threads that only say "+1" or something small like that, maybe something like " +1 this is cool" or "+1 I would like this" My comment is no different from those and also there is another 2 comments on that thread that are basically the same as mine and one of them is exactly the same length.


Bunnies post on the thread is. " We need this* No points, and is basically the same as mine.

Frannys post on the thread is. "I wish we had had this while Eliska was still alive ... but yes pls, give dog!!" No points and is basically the same as mine.

Staggs. "Where is the cat mod? " Like bruh come on, I am being pointed. Do I still need to continue here.

tz." I love dogs Han Lee loves dog  this looks great  add please" None of these posts are really any different to mine.


In all honesty this really seems to be on OOC attack, like there is no other way to explain. Am I hated here, am I hated by this staff member. I know others reading this will agree with me that this is complete insanity. So many suggestion threads over the past month and so many short comments like mine. Even some that just say " +1 " I am honestly gob smacked by this. If my comment is a 1.5 rule break then so are all the others above and probably some more in other threads.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: My points removed.

What could you have done better?: I honestly don't know, a lot of people post short comments like mine expressing there views. This honestly feels and comes off as an OOC attack.

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  • Craig changed the title to Appeal 1.5 - 3 points.
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Hello there @Craig,

A separate portion of the staff team has reviewed your appeal and decided to DENY IT.

You weren't being singled out by staff, and we assure you that you receiving a warning is not an OOC attack. Whatever posts which are reported are reviewed by staff. As for the post in this appeal, this is still considered an unnecessary post. All you said in it was "All the YES," which did not contribute anything further than a statement of agreement, and which could have been achieved by simply voting in the poll or providing a bean to the original post. 

With the above said,
Appeal denied - warning points remain.

Signed by @Duplessis and @Bryan

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