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UP Appeal


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/7955-zanaan/warnings/7194/

Why the verdict is not fair:

Firstly: I was directly addressing the conversation at hand

Secondly: I have never used my caution, so staff opted to bypass the caution (either willfully or via ignorance) in this case

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: So, it is a well known fact that the transporters do, in fact transport and operate cars as a large part of their group. My good friend @Ryan Shepherd opted to make a joke about this fact and prior participants poor driving records, and I in turn chose to reply, correctly, that these drivers are in fact perfectly fine due to the current state of vehicles. Given the nature of the group in question, this is not, by any means, off topic for the group thread, especially considering the conversation that was presently taking place on the thread at hand, and amounts to staff overreach when far more off topic conversations regularly take place on group threads. A standard held to some must be held to all. If staff wishes to enforce such a heavy handed version of 'feedback only' on group threads, then I wholly expect all community members to be held to this standard, and a rule stating such clearly posted and delineated in the forum in question. 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed and post reinstated as well as a re-evaluation of protocol in terms of warning on group threads as feedback only, as this is not stated in any rules section nor within the groups section itself. If staff wish to go forward with direct feedback only, then all members of the community must be upheld to this rule, and it must be clearly posted and listed on the forum in question or the rules section.

What could you have done better?: Nothing

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Greetings @Zanaan,

The staff team have reviewed your appeal and have decided to Accept it. Your appeal has been accepted, because we believe that your post was not an UP in the context of the group thread. The group in question has involvement with cars and therefore it makes the topic relevant on their group thread. Secondly even if your post was an UP, it should have been a caution. This has been a mistake made by the staff members who issued the warning. With that being said,

//Appeal accepted - warning and points removed

Signed: @Baskoand @Bryan.

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