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Brown, or Darker Green variation of the Assault vest + Utility Pack


Darker Green or Brown Assault Vest and Utility Pack  

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  • Emerald

I'm curious if it would be possible, and if people would want a Darker Green or Brown variation of the Assault Vest and Utility Pack since I find the green variation is a little to bright, while the Black is to dark and shiny.

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  • Diamond
Posted (edited)

Hell yeah! Let's get some more color options that match better. FashionZRP! Maybe blue too? 

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I like the idea in principal, though it is not vital. My only concern would be that the more varied the loot becomes the harder it is to find what you actually want. I do not know if this is possible to implement but something like having an option to select the colour scheme of your gear when you pick it up would be useful. Failing that maybe just add the colour variants to the traders like the plate carrier colour variants, so the spawn rates don't get further out of whack. It is a plus 1 for me but thought needs to be given to implementation. 

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  • Emerald

Would be a nice to have a range of them +1

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  • Sapphire

Could add a different variety

+1 from me

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