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  • Emerald

hello staff members of dayz roleplay, community member banksy here how has your day been?

making this because i am a bit confused, in no way am i glorifying @DoctorNozzRP however from what i have gathered oocly as i am friends with him, he got banned for saying the word 'simp' however now there is a literal clique with simp in their names.. just a tad bit confused so can i get a little bit of clarification please.


-rper banksyy

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  • Head Admin

Calling yourself a simp isn't flaming, as the so called simp clique is doing.

Nozzy was permed due to a multitude of warnings spanning over a long period of time. Him addressing another community member on the forums as a simp coule be considered flaming, but was also a clear cut case of an unnecessary post.

Unless someone is extremely offended by the members that call themselves simps publicly no action will be taken.

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