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Server time (UTC): 2023-06-03 11:55

S1 Metagaming

Uncle Ban

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Server and location: Server 1, Novaya Petrovka (Transporter Compound)

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2:55 AM 

Your in game name: Lukas Horacek

Names of allies involved: @Dave DaVinci  @Zoinks @Human @Trasdiablo @Verbal @MrCrane @Sammiii @Lucky Luke @Fuchs

Name of suspect/s: Transporters / Logs will show

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 





Detailed description of the events: After a lengthy scouting period lasting around an hour prior to the attack, myself and my allies came up with a plan to draw out some defenders using @Zoinks characters’ previous relationship with some of the members we knew to be affiliated with the compound. We gave him around 20 minutes to go and speak with said people until we attacked the compound. We initiated on the compound and had no reply. After I broke down the walls to get inside, we found somebody seemingly AFK within the compound, and therefore non compliant to our demands leading to him being shot and killed after multiple warnings. We then proceeded to conduct our raid within the walls until a man returned/logged into the compound as we were in the middle of the raid. We initiated on him and took him hostage almost instantly, removing his weapons and radio. After this, we looted more containers. The 2 transporters who left before we attacked in a BMW re-approached the compound without their car and with more combatants, possibly freshly logged on from invalid information from a dead player. We wiped out any resistance in a firefight after they arrived and left with the spoils. After we left, I was informed by @Zoinksthat there was some suspected meta gaming on our oppositions side which he happened to have recorded whilst in their discord RP-ing with the 2 other affiliates who he was distracting. The recording above breaks down as follows(First Video): 

16:51 - 17:37 Suspect joins call, after dying in game (declared later in video). He gives IC information OOC for them to act on. For example, the fact they are being raided, colours of armbands of those raiding, areas of interest and areas to avoid. He also asks them to initiate on anyone with a lime green armband

18:12 - 19:02 Suspect re-joins the call, tells them to wear pink armbands and gives numbers of combatants out and gives a casualty report. He then also confirms OOCly that he had died at the beginning of the fighting and that's how they all knew they were getting raided as he died when he was afk and told the others once he had died. He then tells the two others in the call, where to approach the situation from and how many friendlies are still in the area at that time, despite being dead

19:02 +  The members in the call give confirmation that they are acting on the information IC, by sending a non combatant to a different location to stay safe whilst the fighter returns to join in the situation

20:39 + Suspect re-joins and confirms that all of his friendlies are dead and say that one has survived, to which they all move channels to share more information. POV ends as the recording stops and Zoinks changes discord server.

We believe that from the point of the first mans death within the compound (the AFK man), the accused gained all of their information from the OOC knowledge as he himself states in the video. This would mean the transporters who logged on after his death, and the ones who headed back after that point, may have been breaking rules 3.5 and 3.6 on metagaming. We also believe that there is a chance that information after the situation was gained by the breaking of these rules as individuals who had already died, therefore forgetting the events leading up to the point of their death (Rule 3.4), made accusations on who they may have recognised (The Duchy), despite the second video showing only @Lucky Luke spoke at the beginning of the raid to initiate, on a man who was AFK, who we believe was the only man inside at the time. I myself spoke during the situation however, I made sure to only whisper to my radio, to not reveal my location in case any combatants were still within the walls. We also believe that rule 4.3 may have been breached as many combatants joined the gunfight, but if the information was from a dead player than that would be a breach of this rule also.

In conclusion, from the two videos and multiple screenshots (and POVs to follow), we believe that the accused have illegitimately spread meta information between themselves in order to coordinate and game an in game advantage for some sort of counterattack and they may later use this information which we believe to only be available through metagaming, to carry forwards accusations and hostilities with our group in the future of the RP. (Image provided to confirm these suspicions)

We post this report strictly to enhance the RP between individuals and groups on the server to be more dynamic and interesting. To do so it is imperative that all parties adhere to the rules set by the staff team on the server.


Edited by Uncle Ban
EDIT - Added video and screenshot evidence
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For the sake of keeping this report clean, please do not post in this report unless you have been called in.

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01:57:33 | Player "William Miller" (DEAD) (pos=<4136.2, 13120.9, 187.1>) killed by Player "Thomas valrune" (pos=<4125.3, 13113, 182.2>) with AKS-74U from 14.3604 meters 
02:00:04 | Player "Edward Crane" (DEAD) (pos=<3815.1, 13045, 187.9>) died.
02:09:36 | Player "Kenny Kowalski" (DEAD) (pos=<4152.7, 13111.6, 181.9>) killed by Expansion_RPG_Explosion
02:12:05 | Player "Aleks Obrien" (DEAD) (pos=<4128.7, 13098.9, 181.8>) killed by Player "Cestmir Sykora" (pos=<4127.8, 13097.6, 181.6>) with AKM from 1.62172 meters 
02:12:45 | Player "Mallory Jane" (DEAD) (pos=<4121.9, 13067.5, 179.8>) killed by Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<4169.9, 13089.6, 180.9>) with AKM from 52.8398 meters 
02:13:03 | Player "Senne de Winter" (DEAD) (pos=<4174.7, 13109.8, 181.8>) killed by Player "Cestmir Sykora" (pos=<4167.9, 13088.2, 181.0>) with AKM from 22.6289 meters 
02:13:11 | Player "George Adebowale" (DEAD) (pos=<4177.9, 13161.7, 182.9>) killed by Player "Lukas Horacek" (pos=<4012.9, 13184.8, 186.9>) with SVDS DRAGUNOV from 166.666 meters 
02:13:42 | Player "Christian Jones" (DEAD) (pos=<4179.4, 13160.1, 183.1>) killed by Player "Lukas Horacek" (pos=<4030.0, 13191.6, 187.0>) with SVDS DRAGUNOV from 152.685 meters 




Accused Party

1:57:33 | Player "William Miller" (pos=<4136.2, 13120.9, 187.1>) hit by Player "Thomas valrune" (pos=<4125.3, 13113, 182.2>) with AKS-74U from 14.3604 meters 

02:09:36 | Player "Kenny Kowalski" (pos=<4152.5, 13112.2, 182.0>) hit by Player "Thomas valrune" (pos=<4143.1, 13137.8, 182.8>) with RPG-7 from 27.2325 meters 
02:09:36 | Player "Kenny Kowalski" (pos=<4152.7, 13111.6, 181.9>) hit by explosion (ExpansionRocket_Ammo)

02:12:04 | Player "Aleks Obrien" (pos=<4129.0, 13100.1, 181.7>) hit by Player "Cestmir Sykora" (pos=<4127.3, 13097.9, 181.6>) with AKM from 2.74525 meters 
02:12:05 | Player "Aleks Obrien" (pos=<4128.8, 13099.6, 181.7>) hit by Player "Cestmir Sykora" (pos=<4127.6, 13097.7, 181.6>) with AKM from 2.31262 meters 
02:12:05 | Player "Aleks Obrien" (pos=<4128.8, 13099.5, 181.7>) hit by Player "Cestmir Sykora" (pos=<4127.7, 13097.6, 181.6>) with AKM from 2.20207 meters 
02:12:05 | Player "Aleks Obrien" (pos=<4128.7, 13099.2, 181.8>) hit by Player "Cestmir Sykora" (pos=<4127.6, 13097.7, 181.6>) with AKM from 1.88557 meters 
02:12:05 | Player "Aleks Obrien" (pos=<4128.7, 13099, 181.8>) hit by Player "Cestmir Sykora" (pos=<4127.6, 13097.6, 181.6>) with AKM from 1.70819 meters 
02:12:05 | Player "Aleks Obrien" (pos=<4128.7, 13098.9, 181.8>) hit by is unconscious
02:09:10 | Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<4121.6, 13091, 181.6>) hit by Player "Bartolomej Svoboda" (pos=<4118.6, 13116.9, 182.0>) with AK-74 from 26.0591 meters 
02:13:01 | Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<4177.3, 13108.5, 181.7>) hit by Player "Thomas valrune" (pos=<4168.4, 13080.9, 181.0>) with AKS-74U from 28.9648 meters 
02:13:02 | Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<4175.4, 13109, 181.7>) hit by Player "Liam Callahan" (pos=<4170.8, 13075.1, 180.9>) with AKS-74U from 34.3089 meters 
02:13:02 | Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<4174.7, 13109.2, 181.8>) hit by is unconscious
02:13:03 | Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<4174.7, 13109.8, 181.8>) hit by Player "Cestmir Sykora" (pos=<4167.9, 13088.2, 181.0>) with AKM from 22.6289 meters 
02:13:03 | Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<4174.7, 13109.8, 181.8>) hit by Player "Cestmir Sykora" (pos=<4167.9, 13088.2, 181.0>) with AKM from 22.6289 meters 
02:13:03 | Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<4174.7, 13109.9, 181.8>) hit by Player "Cestmir Sykora" (pos=<4167.9, 13088.2, 181.0>) with AKM from 22.7455 meters 
02:13:03 | Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<4174.7, 13109.9, 181.8>) hit by Player "Cestmir Sykora" (pos=<4167.9, 13088.2, 181.0>) with AKM from 22.7455 meters 
02:13:04 | Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<4174.7, 13110, 181.8>) hit by Player "Liam Callahan" (pos=<4169.7, 13075.2, 180.9>) with AKS-74U from 35.1985 meters 
02:13:07 | Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<4174.7, 13110, 181.8>) hit by Player "Liam Callahan" (pos=<4168.4, 13073.3, 180.9>) with AKS-74U from 37.272 meters 
02:13:26 | Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<4174.7, 13110, 181.8>) hit by Player "Bartolomej Svoboda" (pos=<4176.6, 13109, 181.7>) with GLOCK-19 from 2.22431 meters 
02:13:26 | Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<4174.7, 13110, 181.8>) hit by Player "Bartolomej Svoboda" (pos=<4176.6, 13109, 181.7>) with GLOCK-19 from 2.21823 meters 
02:13:26 | Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<4174.7, 13110, 181.8>) hit by Player "Bartolomej Svoboda" (pos=<4176.8, 13108.9, 181.7>) with GLOCK-19 from 2.45317 meters 
02:13:26 | Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<4174.7, 13110, 181.8>) hit by Player "Bartolomej Svoboda" (pos=<4177.0, 13108.7, 181.7>) with GLOCK-19 from 2.69136 meters 

02:08:53 | Player "Mallory Jane" (pos=<4127.1, 13118.6, 183.1>) hit by Player "George Adebowale" (pos=<4114.5, 13095.4, 181.5>) with SVAL from 26.3871 meters 
02:09:26 | Player "George Adebowale" (pos=<4109.7, 13096.1, 181.5>) hit by Player "Lukas Horacek" (pos=<3891.7, 13089.2, 186.7>) with SVDS DRAGUNOV from 218.162 meters 
02:09:27 | Player "George Adebowale" (pos=<4110.0, 13095.8, 181.5>) hit by is unconscious
02:10:15 | Player "George Adebowale" (pos=<4109.7, 13096.3, 181.5>) hit by regained consciousness
02:13:04 | Player "George Adebowale" (pos=<4179.4, 13157.2, 183.0>) hit by Player "Liam Callahan" (pos=<4169.9, 13075.1, 180.9>) with AKS-74U from 82.6325 meters 
02:13:06 | Player "George Adebowale" (pos=<4178.6, 13158.6, 182.9>) hit by Player "Liam Callahan" (pos=<4169.0, 13074, 180.9>) with AKS-74U from 85.091 meters 
02:13:07 | Player "George Adebowale" (pos=<4177.3, 13160.7, 182.8>) hit by is unconscious
02:13:11 | Player "George Adebowale" (pos=<4177.9, 13161.7, 182.9>) hit by Player "Lukas Horacek" (pos=<4012.9, 13184.8, 186.9>) with SVDS DRAGUNOV from 166.666 meters 
02:14:08 | Player "George Adebowale" (pos=<4177.9, 13161.7, 182.9>) hit by Player "Bartolomej Svoboda" (pos=<4179.0, 13158.8, 183.0>) with AKS-74U from 3.09915 meters 
02:14:08 | Player "George Adebowale" (pos=<4177.9, 13161.7, 182.9>) hit by Player "Bartolomej Svoboda" (pos=<4179.0, 13158.8, 183.0>) with AKS-74U from 3.09915 meters 
02:14:08 | Player "George Adebowale" (pos=<4177.9, 13161.7, 182.9>) hit by Player "Bartolomej Svoboda" (pos=<4179.0, 13158.8, 183.0>) with AKS-74U from 3.14584 meters 
02:14:08 | Player "George Adebowale" (pos=<4177.9, 13161.7, 182.9>) hit by Player "Bartolomej Svoboda" (pos=<4179.2, 13158.5, 183.0>) with AKS-74U from 3.4531 meters 

02:12:25 | Player "Christian Jones" (pos=<4118.7, 13163.4, 183.4>) hit by Player "Lukas Horacek" (pos=<3976.7, 13160.7, 185.9>) with SVDS DRAGUNOV from 142.084 meters 
02:12:26 | Player "Christian Jones" (pos=<4117.7, 13163.4, 183.4>) hit by is unconscious
02:13:15 | Player "Christian Jones" (pos=<4119.3, 13163.3, 183.4>) hit by regained consciousness
02:13:40 | Player "Christian Jones" (pos=<4178.2, 13160.4, 182.9>) hit by Player "Lukas Horacek" (pos=<4030.0, 13191.6, 187.0>) with SVDS DRAGUNOV from 151.498 meters 
02:13:42 | Player "Christian Jones" (pos=<4179.1, 13160.2, 183.0>) hit by is unconscious
02:13:42 | Player "Christian Jones" (pos=<4179.4, 13160.1, 183.1>) hit by Player "Lukas Horacek" (pos=<4030.0, 13191.6, 187.0>) with SVDS DRAGUNOV from 152.685 meters 
02:14:01 | Player "Christian Jones" (pos=<4179.5, 13160.1, 183.1>) hit by Player "Lukas Horacek" (pos=<4027.6, 13187.1, 186.8>) with SVDS DRAGUNOV from 154.317 meters 
02:14:06 | Player "Christian Jones" (pos=<4179.5, 13160.1, 183.1>) hit by Player "Bartolomej Svoboda" (pos=<4178.8, 13156.4, 183.0>) with AKS-74U from 3.76814 meters 
02:14:06 | Player "Christian Jones" (pos=<4179.5, 13160.1, 183.1>) hit by Player "Bartolomej Svoboda" (pos=<4178.8, 13156.6, 183.0>) with AKS-74U from 3.53686 meters 
Accusing Party

02:13:01 | Player "Thomas valrune" (pos=<4168.4, 13080.9, 181.0>) hit by Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<4177.3, 13108.5, 181.7>) with AKM from 28.9648 meters   
02:13:01 | Player "Thomas valrune" (pos=<4168.4, 13081.1, 181.0>) hit by Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<4177.1, 13108.5, 181.7>) with AKM from 28.7783 meters 
02:13:01 | Player "Thomas valrune" (pos=<4168.3, 13081.2, 181.0>) hit by Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<4177.0, 13108.6, 181.7>) with AKM from 28.6761 meters 
02:13:02 | Player "Thomas valrune" (pos=<4168.8, 13081.8, 181.0>) hit by is unconscious
02:13:32 | Player "Thomas valrune" (pos=<4168.9, 13081, 181.0>) hit by regained consciousness
02:12:02 | Player "Cestmir Sykora" (pos=<4129.2, 13100.3, 181.7>) hit by Player "Aleks Obrien" (pos=<4128.5, 13102.6, 181.7>) with M4A1 from 2.43639 meters 
02:12:02 | Player "Cestmir Sykora" (pos=<4129.4, 13100.2, 181.7>) hit by Player "Aleks Obrien" (pos=<4128.5, 13102.6, 181.7>) with M4A1 from 2.51598 meters 
02:12:02 | Player "Cestmir Sykora" (pos=<4129.6, 13100.1, 181.7>) hit by Player "Aleks Obrien" (pos=<4128.5, 13102.6, 181.7>) with M4A1 from 2.70077 meters 
02:08:53 | Player "Mallory Jane" (pos=<4127.1, 13118.6, 183.1>) hit by Player "George Adebowale" (pos=<4114.5, 13095.4, 181.5>) with SVAL from 26.3871 meters 
02:08:53 | Player "Mallory Jane" (pos=<4127.1, 13118.6, 183.1>) hit by Player "Aleks Obrien" (pos=<4132.0, 13101.4, 181.7>) with M4A1 from 17.9166 meters 
02:08:54 | Player "Mallory Jane" (pos=<4127.1, 13118.6, 183.1>) hit by Player "Aleks Obrien" (pos=<4132.0, 13101.4, 181.7>) with M4A1 from 17.9158 meters 
02:08:54 | Player "Mallory Jane" (pos=<4127.1, 13118.6, 183.1>) hit by Player "Aleks Obrien" (pos=<4132.0, 13101.4, 181.7>) with M4A1 from 17.9158 meters 
02:08:54 | Player "Mallory Jane" (pos=<4127.1, 13118.6, 183.1>) hit by Player "Aleks Obrien" (pos=<4132.0, 13101.4, 181.7>) with M4A1 from 17.9158 meters 
02:08:54 | Player "Mallory Jane" (pos=<4127.1, 13118.6, 183.1>) hit by Player "Aleks Obrien" (pos=<4132.0, 13101.4, 181.7>) with M4A1 from 17.9158 meters 
02:08:54 | Player "Mallory Jane" (pos=<4127.1, 1311/8.6, 183.1>) hit by is unconscious
02:09:46 | Player "Mallory Jane" (pos=<4127.1, 13118.6, 183.1>) hit by regained consciousness
02:12:45 | Player "Mallory Jane" (pos=<4121.9, 13067.5, 179.8>) hit by Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<4169.9, 13089.6, 180.9>) with AKM from 52.8398 meters 
02:00:04 | Player "Edward Crane" (pos=<3815.1, 13045, 187.9>) hit by FallDamage




Accused Party

01:53:11 | Player "William Miller" (pos=<4136.2, 13120.9, 187.1>) 

02:03:10 | Player "Kenny Kowalski" (pos=<4145.6, 13121.5, 182.3>) 
02:08:09 | Player "Kenny Kowalski" (pos=<4152.6, 13131.4, 182.4>) 

02:08:09 | Player "Aleks Obrien" (pos=<4125.9, 13101.6, 181.7>) 

01:53:11 | Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<2674.9, 5205.7, 199.6>) 
01:58:10 | Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<3578.9, 5490.3, 290.2>) 
02:03:10 | Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<5725.6, 9314.9, 314.2>) 
02:08:09 | Player "Senne de Winter" (pos=<4377.1, 13082.2, 175.8>) 

01:53:11 | Player "George Adebowale" (pos=<2675.6, 5205.6, 199.6>) 
01:58:10 | Player "George Adebowale" (pos=<3579.2, 5491.0, 290.2>) 
02:03:10 | Player "George Adebowale" (pos=<5726.1, 9315.6, 314.2>) 
02:08:09 | Player "George Adebowale" (pos=<4320.5, 13075.3, 177.1>) 
02:13:08 | Player "George Adebowale" (pos=<4177.9, 13161.7, 182.9>) 

01:53:11 | Player "Christian Jones" (pos=<7041, 12688.2, 131.9>) 
01:58:10 | Player "Christian Jones" (pos=<13938.3, 13628.8, 7.1>) 
02:03:10 | Player "Christian Jones" (pos=<10023.1, 13992.9, 64.7>) 
02:08:09 | Player "Christian Jones" (pos=<4327.5, 13117.1, 179.0>) 
02:13:08 | Player "Christian Jones" (pos=<4119.3, 13163.3, 183.4>) 

01:58:10 | Player "Valentin Voronin" (pos=<13937.7, 13628.3, 7.2>) 
02:03:10 | Player "Valentin Voronin" (pos=<10022.8, 13993.6, 64.8>) 
02:08:09 | Player "Valentin Voronin" (pos=<4545.1, 13012.1, 172.6>) 
02:13:08 | Player "Valentin Voronin" (pos=<4376.2, 12886.4, 181.5>) 
02:18:08 | Player "Valentin Voronin" (pos=<4376.3, 12884.3, 181.6>) 
02:23:07 | Player "Valentin Voronin" (pos=<4376.3, 12884.3, 181.6>) 
02:28:06 | Player "Valentin Voronin" (pos=<4376.3, 12884.3, 181.6>) 
02:33:05 | Player "Valentin Voronin" (pos=<4376.3, 12884.3, 181.6>) 
02:38:05 | Player "Valentin Voronin" (pos=<4376.3, 12884.3, 181.6>) 
02:43:04 | Player "Valentin Voronin" (pos=<4376.3, 12884.3, 181.6>) 
02:48:03 | Player "Valentin Voronin" (pos=<4376.3, 12884.3, 181.6>) 
02:53:02 | Player "Valentin Voronin" (pos=<4175.2, 13100.1, 181.4>) 
02:58:01 | Player "Valentin Voronin" (pos=<4144.1, 13128.9, 182.6>) 

Accusing Party

01:53:11 | Player "Thomas valrune" (pos=<3846.1, 12995.4, 190.0>) 
01:58:10 | Player "Thomas valrune" (pos=<4113.8, 13122.9, 182.4>) 
02:03:10 | Player "Thomas valrune" (pos=<4144.9, 13122.5, 182.4>) 
02:08:09 | Player "Thomas valrune" (pos=<4150.1, 13116.1, 182.7>) 
02:13:08 | Player "Thomas valrune" (pos=<4168.9, 13081, 181.0>) 

01:53:11 | Player "Cestmir Sykora" (pos=<4313.8, 13178.4, 181.9>) 
01:58:10 | Player "Cestmir Sykora" (pos=<4117.7, 13207.7, 184.2>) 
02:03:10 | Player "Cestmir Sykora" (pos=<4027.7, 13043.2, 183.9>) 
02:08:09 | Player "Cestmir Sykora" (pos=<4140.7, 13135.2, 183.5>) 
02:13:08 | Player "Cestmir Sykora" (pos=<4161.7, 13087.6, 181.0>) 
02:18:08 | Player "Cestmir Sykora" (pos=<4474.6, 13173.6, 179.8>) 

01:53:11 | Player "Mallory Jane" (pos=<3935.7, 12831.2, 193.6>) 
01:58:10 | Player "Mallory Jane" (pos=<4109.2, 13116.1, 181.8>) 
02:03:10 | Player "Mallory Jane" (pos=<4140.7, 13126, 182.6>) 
02:08:09 | Player "Mallory Jane" (pos=<4133.2, 13132.3, 183.4>) 

01:53:11 | Player "Lukas Horacek" (pos=<3939.4, 12995.6, 187.7>) 
01:58:10 | Player "Lukas Horacek" (pos=<4158.4, 13107.9, 185.3>) 
02:03:10 | Player "Lukas Horacek" (pos=<4170.2, 13143.3, 188.9>) 
02:08:09 | Player "Lukas Horacek" (pos=<4025.1, 13125, 182.7>) 
02:13:08 | Player "Lukas Horacek" (pos=<4012.9, 13184.6, 186.9>) 

01:53:11 | Player "Brad Maddox" (pos=<4153.9, 8942.3, 324.4>) 
01:58:10 | Player "Brad Maddox" (pos=<4175.4, 8915.3, 327.7>) 
02:03:10 | Player "Brad Maddox" (pos=<4175.5, 8915.3, 327.7>) 
02:08:09 | Player "Brad Maddox" (pos=<4175.3, 8915.0, 327.7>)
02:13:08 | Player "Brad Maddox" (pos=<3916.0, 8527.6, 305.6>)

01:58:10 | Player "Cosmo Casamassa" (pos=<4117.9, 13120.3, 182.2>) 
02:03:10 | Player "Cosmo Casamassa" (pos=<4155.5, 13117.7, 182.4>) 
02:08:09 | Player "Cosmo Casamassa" (pos=<4140.7, 13136.1, 183.5>) 
02:13:08 | Player "Cosmo Casamassa" (pos=<4163.0, 13082.2, 181.0>) 

01:48:12 | Player "Edward Crane" (pos=<3949.2, 12829.7, 194.4>) 
01:53:11 | Player "Edward Crane" (pos=<3944.1, 12835.2, 193.7>) 
01:58:10 | Player "Edward Crane" (pos=<3817.1, 13045.9, 215.6>) 




Accused Party

22:58:43 | Player "William Miller" is connected
02:00:44 | Player "William Miller" has been disconnected
02:00:56 | Player "William Miller" is connected
02:34:48 | Player "William Miller" has been disconnected
02:36:59 | Player "William Miller" is connected
02:58:51 | Player "William Miller" has been disconnected

02:01:30 | Player "Kenny Kowalski" is connected
02:58:51 | Player "Kenny Kowalski" has been disconnected

02:06:03 | Player "Aleks Obrien" is connected
02:58:51 | Player "Aleks Obrien" has been disconnected

00:35:43 | Player "George Adebowale" is connected
02:35:17 | Player "George Adebowale" has been disconnected

01:03:59 | Player "Christian Jones" is connected
02:24:55 | Player "Christian Jones" has been disconnected

23:56:18 | Player "Valentin Voronin" is connected
02:58:51 | Player "Valentin Voronin" has been disconnected

00:41:04 | Player "Senne de Winter" is connected
02:58:51 | Player "Senne de Winter" has been disconnected

Accusing Party

23:48:29 | Player "Thomas valrune" is connected
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01:38:59 | Player "Cestmir Sykora" is connected
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22:59:57 | Player "Mallory Jane" is connected
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00:05:45 | Player "Lukas Horacek" is connected
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23:51:51 | Player "Brad Maddox" is connected
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23:46:23 | Player "Cosmo Casamassa" is connected
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22:58:43 | Player "Edward Crane" is connected
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Calling in the following people for their full and detailed points of view and any unedited video evidence they may have

Accused Party

@bur | Kenny Kowalski - Posted
@Mugin | William Miller - Posted
@AleksObrien | Aleks Obrien - Posted
@Craig | George Adebowale - Posted
@Rosario | Senne de Winter - Posted
@Realize | Christian Jones - Posted
@Otto | Valentin Voronin - Posted

Accusing Party

@Uncle Ban | Lukas Horacek - OP
@Trasdiablo | Thomas valrune -
@Lucky Luke | Cestmir Sykora - Posted
@Sammiii | Mallory Jane - Posted
@Zoinks | Brad Maddox - Posted
@Human | Cosmo Casamassa - Posted
@MrCrane | Edward Crane - Posted

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Hello community member Realize here. This is some wild accusations, but I will play my part. My fellow friend and I @Otto leave the compound to go on a little drive as we are I think in svet or somewhere like that, we hear over the radio the main man Kenny come over the radio say something on the line of 'Who are you and why are you in the compound' so i spin the BMW around and start heading back towards the compound. @Craig & @Rosario are in the coms, and we start to discuss how we should approach the situation. We pull up at the gas station just east of the compound, the idea was to wait for them to exit and re-initiate but the Nobel warrior@Craig  ignored this and ran straight across the open field to the front gate where he starts to RP with the people inside. I of course can not let George go alone in the hero play so i and @Rosario go with him. George and Senna start trading bullets with the people inside, and I go to the back of the compound where I am gloriously knocked uncon, this wasn't the end for me as i awaken, but only to be shot again by some pesky sniper.



Kenny logs in as we are getting raided, I come back to the compound with senna George and valentine. Me George and senna push and die, valentine survives and gives us the info.

Ow I would also like to add that @Zoinks came to the compound before the attack asking where Mary was. it was all a bit sketchy, so I relayed that other the radio to everyone.

Also, I want to ask @Zoinks why did you go and check 5 of the transporters profile before the raid began ?

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Hello @Human,

Can you identify specifically who is speaking at 16:43 in the second video in the original post?

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Cosmo Casamassa POV: After acquiring intel for the duchy and lost highway about stolen cars about a week ago, I was waiting for The Lost Highways leadership to tell us what was going on. Last night after I hopped on and was told to meet up with the Duchy in Novya and was told that we were going to raid The Transporters. We sit around for what must have been an hour or so, and we were told to move, I moved up to initiate for members of the Lost Highway. We get in and someone domes the AFK guy inside the compound and the raiding is going great, after 2 or 3 mintues someone logs into the server. "And says what the hell is going on here what are you doing to my shop". We keep raiding and take the man hostage. About one to two mintues more people logged in and started shooting at us. We make our move to start leaving when someones starts lighting up the cars, we get out and kill the man. We all start pulling away and someone lights up our car and our driver @Trasdiablo gets shot and knocked out. We get him back up and kill the man who killed him and we take off in the car eventually meeting back up to lick wounds and fix the wounded.

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Cestmir POV:

After extensive planning we decided to act on our plan of attacking Uber HQ. Me and the boys arrive at the scene and I go on to initiate at the gates. It goes off and rockets start flying towards the gate. I loop around to the back of the compound to make sure nobody is reliving their childhood memories of camping in the backyard. Got bored and went out to the front fields to guard the gate with my pal @Fuchs. I headed inside to see what kind of dividend the company had to offer and on my way in I realized we had the CEO captive. I go on to pack the essentials into cars and start driving off. Before we make it out we get some resistance which is quickly dealt with. I drive out of the compound just to find more resistance. I hop out again to deal with it. After this I start looping around to the back to make sure nobody is left alive. I then return to the car which after I get DayZ:ed into the infamous water realm beneath the world. I try to relog, but crash during the loading screen. After I manage to log back in I start running into the fields.



The video of the actual raid is my recording.


Edited by Lucky Luke
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Guten Tag, meine Jungen und Mädchen, It is Zoinks!

An hour and a half prior to the attack, I had been stationed on top of the industrial area, the tallest tower in the area, near the transporters base, to gain important IC info for my group of who was awake and who wasn’t. I had spotted four members of the group stashing the goods into the northern base and the east base. The information was vital for the plan that would later be put into action. This can be proven within my movement logs. I watched a UAZ leave twice heading west and a helicopter landing. Time went by and our fingers became itchy, I decided that I had seen little to no movement from the base. After I had left to begin the operation, the base was still being observed by other members of my group.

Next, Myself and @Uncle Ban, with the rest of the team, had come up with a plan which would involve hatching a ruse to gain access to the compound in which I would intiate from the inside to cause chaos.

However, I was unable to complete this plan, so I decided to ask @Realize (ICly) where @Niveous was (ICly) to meet up with her. He informed me that she was at the North West Airfield. I was later invited by Mary in a discord call to join their comms so that we could have ooc and ic comms in which she would update me on both, a regular thing that happens on this server. 

I was being observed this entire time by my team from multiple locations. I asked @Niveous in OOC comms if we could do some IC stuff once I had arrived. I arrive at their location and ask if we could go to Vybor to continue our conversation. My objective (in character) was to get them as far as away from the raid so ensure that:

  1. They could not react fast enough if called in
  2. To avoid them dying in conflict
  3. To gain information on a conspiracy that between the Inner Circle and the Transporters
  4. To gain medical information (for further medical RP)

Once we arrived at the factory east of Vybor, I began my recording. I recorded this convo in case I was going to have to intiate on @Fallen_666s and @Niveous. As I was leaving them, I remained in the call to continue convos about normal life until @Mugin joined the call to give meta-gaming information. The video can speak for itself concerning my POV. I listened to all the information being provided and I believe that this was a clear rule break. Before I moved into another discord call, all three members affiliated in any way with the transporters spoke about moving into a different call. I can only assume that @Mugin was moving between both calls informing everyone of the situation during periods he was leaving our call. 

The screenshot that was provided of my conversation shows that I was trying to determine how they had worked out that it was the Dutchy with such a certain resolve. I asked ICly how he knew and I understood that @Fallen_666s couldn’t trust me ICly. Then I asked OOCly as I had already witnessed one count of suspected meta gaming and I was left unanswered which gave me credence to suspect further meta-gaming (If I had been told how, this would of been kept to myself to ensure proper pure RP). After witnessing one person give such information, I believed that any IG information shared could be extremely worrisome and worthy of a report. 

Looking at the logs provided, It seems suspect that @bur is to connect to the server, not log in, after the first kill with suspected zero knowledge of the situation. There is some time before you actually spawn in and can move around so you must then add time on to that so possibly 4:30-5mins from the first kill. @Mugin even states that they knew they were being raided BECAUSE of his OWN DEATH, not because Kenny called it in. This is stated at least two to three minutes after my last known logged location, around seven mins after totalling around ten minutes.

After I ended the video and left the call, I informed everybody OOCly that I had been witness to a rule break and that this report would be necessary. I had a lengthy discussion later on with @Uncle Ban about the idea to report and provided him with the evidence you see.

In response to @Realizequestion, the profiles in question were merely scanned through due to relation to a ooc, banter conversation I was having with my group and general curiosity of the all activity forums during down time. But to clear up any doubt you might have, as previously stated, I had watched the compound a couple hours after this to gain IC information on who was around and who wasn’t for about an hour to an hour and a half as the logs will show so by this point I had gained all the information I needed within the parameters of the game, in character, without relying on out of character information from anyone or anything. That just ain’t fun RP. 

I understand that this will be a tiresome report for the staff to get through and I thank you for your time for both parties involved. However, the severity of the suspected actions made by an entire group makes me extremely concerned for the community, especially with the members a part of said group.


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Hai! Hope everyone is doing well ?


Here is my POV of the events and how they unfolded:

After having spent a lengthy time (at least an hour, if not longer) scouting and gaining information on the transporter's compound and whereabouts, I joined the rest (those listed in “Allies Involved” in original post) in attacking the compound. 


The attack began with one member of the Duchy and one member of The Lost Highway initiating. After the initiation, @Uncle Ban then proceeded to begin taking down the walls with an RPG. Once the wall was successfully removed and we were inside, we found someone who was assumed to be AFK. Either way, they did not comply after several warnings which led to us taking action in killing him. 


After he had been taken care of and no other transporters were found inside the compound, we continued with the attack. A satchel charge was placed on the first garage to allow us access inside before another was then placed on the second garage. Shortly after the second garage’s opening, I was called to the upper level of the office building to place a satchel on the safe. 


The satchel was placed and, after having detonated, I found the safe to be empty. I exited the office building in time to see the hostage being taken and his weapons and radio being stripped from him. While this was happening, I proceeded to help with loading the cars that were to be taken. Shortly after that, I was told to get into the first car and begin driving it out of the compound. 


Struggling to get around the various cars, piles of tires, and wooden platforms, I finally started to head for the exit when sporadic shots began to fire. Being the car in front, I took several shots and ended up passing out. Once waking, I exited the car while the fight continued around me and took the time to patch myself up and stop the bleeds, then administered a blood bag before hopping back into the car. I tried driving off but, with my screen still being mostly blacked out with only a small bit in the center being visible, I struggled to exit successfully. Someone later took over the driving for me and I ran out of the compound. I was able to make it to the ditch in front of the compound before being shot and, this time, successfully killed. 


After spawning in and running south, I logged out for the night at the castle near Vyshnoye. When logging in the next day, I came across a note placed at the entrance into the castle reading: “You Fucked Up”. Addressing the Metagaming issue with this,  no part of the attack would have openly given away the fact that it was the Duchy attacking. This was even confirmed in the first video when accusations of us being “Gang boys” and “Whitenames” were being said.

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Greetings everyone, and thank you to @Duplessis for calling me into this Report, hopefully my POV will provide you with enough details from my side of the situation, and to also clear up these slanderous accusations that have been thrown my way.

George and his BFF @Rosario Senne (Best friend4Lyf) were out and about doing there usual BFFRP, driving around south zagoria trying to find people to talk and connect with. We were around the Kabinino town when our BFFRP was rudely interupted by @bur talking over the radio, (he logged in to pick up @Mugin) from what he said it was clear that the people he was talking to were not supposed to be there, he continued to talk before his radio went silent. @Realize and @Otto were out and about probably having inferior internal RP compared to @Rosario and I, but thats besides the point. We communicate back and forth and they tell us they're basically on the northern highway.

So we are both heading back and I tell my BFF to step on it and to stop driving like a slow ass white boy, he laughs and then trys to insult me but he fails, his speech is only level 10. As we are driving there @Realize is dropping big brain plays. Unfortunately for him, he's rolling with George. We get to the gas station and @Realize thinks that everyone is following his plan, however he activates George's trap card. George decides to just run across the open field because mother nature protects him, this takes the others by surprise. Bewildered comments such as, "George what are you doing" "George you're a fucking mad man, get out the field" "What the fuck George your crazy you are" followed. @Realize being the good partner he is, decides to back George up and starts running across with him. Senne, George's BFF also follows. @Otto being smart stays behind and I have no idea what position he ended up going to, however he lived to tell the tale and give us all the details.

Cut to us across the field, I run up to the main gate and start shooting at someone in the car and then start to warn them how much they have fucked up and attacked the wrong compound. I recognize what they're wearing and make my suspicions clear to the brothers, later on after everything is finished @Otto confirms my suspicions. A small fire fight happens, a sniper takes me out at the front gate, however, plot twist incoming. I am not dead, mother nature revives George and hes back in the fight. I run around the west side of the compound shouting random things into the compound trying to add some roleplay to the fight, however they choose to not roleplay back with me. I meet the would be great tactician @Realize at the north end of the compound and he ends up getting dropped, to my surprise mother nature also brings him back from the dead.
By this time I noticed the sniper however being in a horrible position I move myself to the east side of the compound, to the south east side of the compound I see my BFF Senne making moves and shooting. To my shock 3 to 4 people come around the corner blasting at him, I die inside as I see him get sent to the respawn screen. I return suppresive fire at them and I am unsure who does it, them or the sniper but I too get sent to the respawn screen.

If any of the staff team has further questions for me, or would like me to clarify anything else or go into more detail about certain aspects of my POV, I am more than happy to do so. Hopefully this can be resolved and we at the Transporters can go back to providing Roleplay and advancing the Lore.

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This is my POV. (Never been good at typing so I’m sorry for errors) after about an hour of scoping out the position me @Human in members of the Duchy initiate on the compound and everyone in it. Yell at someone on the roof and tell them to put their hands up at least twice when they do not comply shoot him in the head. I lose body and continue to the Area which holds the car and what I assume to be the armory. Well out of nowhere I hear a voice asking us what are we doing or something along the lines of that. I told him to put his hands up and get on the ground. And initiating hostage RP. For about three or so minutes I’m talking to them while everyone else loots. Exchange some words with him and then put them in a room of sorts. Out of nowhere I hear shooting I leave the hostage and provide covering fire at the front gate. Out of nowhere I see the hostages I took start running away to what I assume to be the armory. I then proceeded to shoot a rocket at him killing him. Then I get in the car with two Or 3 members of the Dutchy. We exit the compound. And then I stop the car on a pole and engage someone who’s shooting at us. I get shot and downed and out of habit I exclaimed that I got downed. I get up get back in the car while @Human drives us away to safety. 


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Hello everyone, this is my POV of what happenend.

After a long day of roleplaying Senne and George @Craig go out on an adventure to perhaps meet some new people. We take out a beautiful purple beamer with some nice black rims. Senne wanted to hit up the Berezino bar first so we take some inner routes to get there. Senne and George @Craig arrive at the bar where they encounter one elderly man and an Asian man. We talk a bit and when they leave, we decide to also leave and drive along the coastal highway to perhaps find some more people to talk with.

We arrive in Kamyshovo where we see some dead infected. George @Craig raises an eyebrow at me and tells me to look around for a man. The dead bodies lead to the police station where we see a man in the window. We talk to him for a bit and then leave. We end up driving all the way to Kamenka and from there head up north.

As we leave Kabanino I hear George @Craig talking to someone on the radio, he tells me to turn my radio on and tells me to drive back to the base as fast as I can. Christian @Realize and Valentin @Otto are also on the radio, they were also outside of the base doing their own things. As I am driving to the base, we all come up with a plan to block the road with a car and set up an ambush. All of us leave our cars and I see George @Craig running across an open field towards the compound. He did not like our plan, so he made his own. Christian @Realize  and Senne decided to follow him to give him backup. Valentin @Otto did not like Georges @Craig plan so he decided to stay behind.

Senne arrives at the eastern wall where he sees George shoot into the compound. I decide to help him and shoot into the compound but sadly did not kill anyone. I somehow get hit so back off to bandage and then I head back behind the eastern wall. George @Craig gets shot by a sniper and I never see him again after that. After a bit I hear George @Craig talking again, he was telling the people inside the compound how they fucked up and talking on the radio to us while I was waiting behind the eastern wall for someone to push out that I could possibly kill.

Suddenly someone pushes outside into the little ditch on the other side of the road of the compound. I decide to shoot at him and see him drop. After that I peek the corner again, I see 2 cars outside, I shoot at them but run out of bullets. I run away whilst reloading to create some distance. I turn around and see 3 to 4 dudes coming from behind the wall and I open fire. I manage to knock someone out just before I die.

Valentin @Otto never died.


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Sticky Fingers POV is as follows:

I wake up from a night of apparent debauchery, using my radio I ask Kenny for a pickup. Once Kenny logs on he is able to relay information about green armbands and that there are a lot of folks in our base that shouldn’t be. By this point Realize, Otto, Craig, and his BFF double backed to base to assist. Knowing a few friendlies were around, I relayed what information I could as I was more useless than an AFK person dying in base. I joined Mary and Freddy’s comms and relayed information to them normally as no one was around except dirty grey and his pack of wolves. I was not double micing at that time, because the meta gaming rule mentions that only needs to be done in the presence of other people.

From there I am pretty much just relaying what IC information I can back and forth, hence why I leave and rejoin comms. Being brought up to speed about the situation, myself. I begin regearing for the open season that has befallen South Zagoria. I am eventually accosted by dirty grey and his pack of furry fiends and they guide me to the Northern Highway upon where I die again. Like Sisyphus, I am bound to hell.


Responding to these horrible accusations:

Breaking of rule 3.4: At no point did I remember the events that led to my death. In fact it would be impossible for me to even do that as I was AFK, so the events that led to my death were completely unknown to me both ICly and OOCly. I respawned and told Kenny to pick me up, which in turn made him log in on you guys raiding the place.

Breaking of rule 3.5/3.6: The information shared with Mary/Freddy was information that I gathered ICly in the comms after my death. None of the information shared was meta gamed as it was relayed ICly through the comms by the participants in the firefight. Kenny noted the armbands when logging in and possible numbers of the raiding party were discussed while people were setting up. As such my communication with Mary/Freddy was completely legit. Keep in mind that I don't have to follow the double mic rule as no players were near me at that time as I was a fresh spawn.


If I may.

What IC information were you able to acquire to confirm we were stealing cars? Something you accuse Kenny and the TRANSPORTERS of in the video. Was it because you know you knew OOC given this previous report?

I would also like to point out the blatant metagaming around 16:44 in the video conducted by the accusers. One member actively asking and another responding in kind, calling out how many bleeds the unconscious person has.

Finally, what recording software were you using in the video? I ask as the second video appears edited.



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Kenwards POV: 

I was just enjoying some green products when Mugin tells me he needs a pick up. As I was bored I decide to do it, so I log in and see the compound getting raided. I call it out on the radio by saying something like "What are you green armband people doing here". I don't remember the exact wording but it was something along these lines. After that I get initiated on and comply to the demands. The roleplay given was rather uninteresting: getting told to shut up and/or sit and wait. It was clear that their focus was on raiding the place instead of the RP, which is whatever dude. The boys attack the knights of chernarus so I decided to head to the garage and get me a gun but unfortunately I got Takistan flashbacks and saw a rocket come at me followed by the respawn screen.

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In response the POV of @Mugin

12 minutes ago, Mugin said:

Once Kenny logs on he is able to relay information about green armbands and that there are a lot of folks in our base that shouldn’t be.

Here you clearly state that Kenny was relaying the information about the armbands, he is alive in the server for roughly 8 minutes and 6 seconds and is taken hostage for around 7 minutes and 20 seconds until his death, when he had no radio. This leaves a very narrow window for communication for such information and does not match the transmission that was heard by @Realizein his POV as seen below

18 hours ago, Realize said:

we hear over the radio the main man Kenny come over the radio say something on the line of 'Who are you and why are you in the compound'

As well as this, you clearly transfer information OOC in the first video, calling people by forum names and using phrases such as logged in. You also blatantly say, and I quote, " They AFK killed me which is a bit of a bummer but that's how we know we were getting raided" 

Even if you want to go down the route of claiming to be on the radio and wanting to be picked up, you logged out of the server minutes after you died and did not reconnect past that point unless there are incomplete logs. You would have known both IC-ly that you were in the compound when you went AFK before you were killed for not complying to demands, this would mean that the fact you have relayed this information despite knowing you had died would be in violation of rule 3.4 

27 minutes ago, Mugin said:

The information shared with Mary/Freddy was information that I gathered ICly in the comms after my death. None of the information shared was meta gamed as it was relayed ICly through the comms by the participants in the firefight.

Rule number 3.4 clearly states that you are not allowed to get involved with a situation that lead up to your death, this presumably includes spreading information through IC communications to organise a resistance, although I believe the video speaks for itself on whether or not the information was shared IC-ly. You relay lots of relevant situational info to people in the discord including numbers, casualties, locations and identities.

29 minutes ago, Mugin said:

What IC information were you able to acquire to confirm we were stealing cars? Something you accuse Kenny and the TRANSPORTERS of in the video. Was it because you know you knew OOC given this previous report?

Not only have many groups spoken with us ICly about their cars being stolen by the transporters but a member of Lost Highway was also able to confirm multiple of our missing vehicles were within your compound hours after being taken from us. As well as this, members of my group who joined us had discussed with us IC-ly that they had been robbed by transporters on 2 separate occasions for their cars and had confirmed this information IC themselves before even encountering our group. Not only this, but our characters were held at gunpoint by members of your group not too far back and this was taken very negatively in character and set up hostile relations for in character conflict. Finally, we have a lot of in character information which leads us to suspect that your group is working alongside Chedaki (Inner Circle OOC), a group we the Duchy and our allies in the Lost Highway and SPERO consider extremely hostile to our own. 

I will let those involved in the communications at the timestamp you provided respond to that mishap and leave it at that, although you seem to deflect any accusations towards the rear end of your POV, questioning the validity of the video and also not even mentioning some of the blatant metagaming that can be seen/heard in the first video provided.

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At 16.44 in the video I did meta game while I was knocked out. I would like to apologize for it. It was knee jerk reaction to the situation and I didn’t realize I was meta gaming until after I seen the video. I take full responsibility 

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To @Mugin

I use Geforce Experience and yes about 10 minutes of irrelevant ooc talk on how the raid went, how it could have been improved etc. has been cut from the end of the video. I am aware I’ve been told to always post full video evidence in a previous report so I’ll apologize for it and am willing to take any points for that if it is deemed necessary.


I will be posting the full version once it’s done uploading.

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A question for @Human and @Trasdiablo and anyone else who were with the initial group to take @bur hostage,

What exactly did bur say before and immediately after he was taken hostage?

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My POV is as follows as I didn’t record anything.

I logged into the server in a shed known as “Alek’s shed”. After I was given information that there were people in green armbands that weren't supposed to be in our lovely home. When I woke up I heard commotion with people yelling at @bur and stayed in the shed relaying information through radio till I thought it was an appropriate time to try and attack. Conveniently that’s when I hear @Craig and @Rosario outside of the compound just finished with their BFFRP. I peeked past the blue broken down Ural and shot about 40 bullets into an Olga filled with green armband wearers. After that I went back into the shed to seek cover as I needed to reload. Fortunately for me the green armband people don't have 20/20 vision as they didn’t know where I was located.  Eventually one of them comes near the shed and I get killed in a 1v1 firefight as seen on video.

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5 minutes ago, Duplessis said:

A question for @Human and @Trasdiablo and anyone else who were with the initial group to take @bur hostage,

What exactly did bur say before and immediately after he was taken hostage?

I was in the rear tower, I heard something along the lines of "Whats up fuckers? What are you all doing in my shop eh? I own this place!" As he was shouting across the compound but I did not hear anything before or beyond this point as the people closer to him were the ones who held him at gunpoint and took him hostage properly

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In response to Duplessis:

When I was exiting the office building, I heard @bur calling out “What’s up fuckers?! Yeah, I own this compound!”

This was when he was walking up, immediately before he was taken hostage. Once he was being stripped of his radio and such, I turned and continued helping with loading the cars, so I didn't hear anything further from him. 

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  • Sapphire

Hello Otto (Valentin) here. After sitting about at our compound my friend and fellow transporter Christian @Realize and I decided to go off on one of our nightly excursions to check out something he had seen towards Svetlojarsk. As we are not finding much driving about Boss man Kenny @bur logs in. To our surprise he starts yelling, but not at us- rather at some green armband individuals who had made their way inside our compound. He goes on briefly before he is presumably apprehended.

Alarmed, Christian starts speeding us in our company car back towards Novaya Petrovka. Along the way George @Craig, Mr. Senne @Rosario and William       @Mugin are relayed the information. George, Senne, Christian and I discussed our approach as we headed back towards Novaya.


We ditch our BMWs along the road in the dark of night- just outside the town past the gas station to the east. Christian suggests we hold out along the road so we may kill the invading force as they leave our compound. However, this plan does not suit George Adebowale- future leader of the free world. The brave man that he is, he courageously charges towards the walls of the compound to threaten those who would dare attack his friends. Our warnings and pleas fall short as nothing can stop the fearless George. His best friend Mr. Senne- as well as Christian rush to support the blood-curdling rage of the Transporter.

I however, was still bewildered by this turn of events and had crept my way to the field south of the compound as I felt any amount of emotion would not deflect bullets from my corporeal form. George began to threaten the attacking force while I began to scope in with my 1PN51 NV scope. To my dismay the rash move had left my comrades exposed as they began taking shots from enemies positioned in the field. I moved a bit to try and locate the shooter but I feared exposing my position in the vast emptiness of the fields. Our attack was quickly crushed by the opposition, and I knew I was too outnumbered to attempt a swift retaliation for my companions. Following the spiritual guidance George had given us many times before, I embraced de Motha Nature and planted myself in my position and continued to watch the invaders as they struggled to make off with anything of value. The darkness of night was fading and I knew I had to survive to tell this tragic story.


As I sat in my position I thought who possibly could despise us Transporters enough to raid our compound. I worked my way down the list of groups and organizations we know in South Zagoria. The only other people who I knew dressed in such recognizable gorka uniforms wore different headgear, or were currently employing us to store their cars- the same cars that were stolen after the raid. I remembered Boss Man Jimmy and I had taken a ride down to Green Mountain the day before the attack and had seen the Duchy confronting the Chedaki at the gates. They looked quite like the attackers I’d seen tonight and we’ve met with the Duchy on many occasions in the past and they had always had people in some pattern of gorka and camouflage. Anyway I laid in the field for quite a while, watching a few of the damned men run off towards the east. 

(I’d like to note from our groups point of view we have had quite cordial relations with other known groups despite tensions lately. I know the Duchy don’t like us as we had lightly held them up for disrespecting us and interrupting an important meeting regarding the gas attacks weeks ago. We’ve also been accused of helping Chedaki on frequencies shared with other groups (including the Duchy), and we know they’ve been at each other's throats quite publicly. In regards to those accusations, other groups wished to speak with us about the matter to clear it up. We also are quite aware of armband colors and outfits openly in use by other groups and they sure as hell ain’t lime green. e.g. We’ve seen Highway with their black ones and the Belic Bar +friends “accidently” broke into our place a while back wearing their plaid ones. We’ve also heard reports of people being seen attempting to break in recently, and another time a raid was done while we were out, and as far as we know it was made to look like another group we have no quarrel with was framed for the actions. This left me to suspect Spero or Duchy. Spero had always been quite friendly with us. It isn’t that hard to come to a conclusion on who hit us with some common sense or more evidence as I’ll continue below.)


Eventually Mary @Niveous and Freddy @Fallen_666s joined our comms and told me they had left our place earlier today as Brad @Zoinks had needed to speak to Mary for advice about some important medical emergency. She told me that it was a strange discussion, and that he was asking questions that didn’t really make much sense. He had told her about some patient and that he needed advice for a surgery- one that would’ve probably needed to be immediate and it seemed the patient would have been most likely dead by now based on the wounds and urgency he had described. She then pointed out that he specifically didn’t want to meet near Novaya and suggested Vybor. When I asked who this guy was she told me that Brad was affiliated with the Duchy and that he had told her where they lived a while back using the words “We live”. (Which is confirmed by Brad in that discord screen in the OP.) She and I then came to the same conclusion- that this devious man had faked an emergency in order to remove people from our compound to leave it empty and exposed. After a long while I was pretty sure the attackers weren’t returning. I regrouped with Freddy at the front of our compound after he heard from me that the compound had been hit. I began attempting to make repairs before the server restarted but it did not come back up for quite a while.


Oh and I don’t tend to record on my potato. I also apologize for whoever has to read this wall of text but it was necessary.

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4 minutes ago, Otto said:

we’ve met with the Duchy on many occasions in the past and they had always had people in some pattern of gorka and camouflage

To reply to @Otto; I myself and I alone was the only person wearing the pattern gorka uniform that is associated with the Duchy and I was the shooter 200m out who was shooting from the West. After the encounter I left directly to the South through the industrial area without the rest of my allies and headed straight down South in the dark, so I am unsure to whether or not you would have seen me specifically and therefore the uniform. As for the last paragraph regarding @Zoinks, I believe that all works out ICly as it was obviously suspicious on his part.

In the logs it shows that Kenny begins to connect to the server at 2:01:30, a few minutes after William Miller had already died. Using Realize’s positional logs prior to this, you can see how he is heading East towards Svetlojarsk, reaching the outskirts at the last log before Kenny joins (1:58:10). Presuming connection logs on DayZ work the same as their Arma 3 counterparts, the log would appear when a client attempts to connect to the server, not once they have loaded in. This would give at least, to be lenient, an extra 30 seconds from when he connected to when he was in game. On the next positional log update (2:03:10), It is clear that Realize is already on the way back, nearing Svergino along the Northern Highway, despite previously heading south past Svetlojarsk. I believe this implies Realize had already begun to return to the compound on meta information provided in a call by Mugin (To quote Mugin in the video “Yeah they AFK killed me which was a bummer, but that's how we know we were getting raided”). Which would make his claim of heading back when Kenny told him via the radio false, as it would have been near impossible to make up that distance within 1 minute and 10 seconds. Not to mention the additional distance presumably travelled in the BMW after the positional log at 1:58:10, around 4 minutes before bur even connected his client to the server (02:01:30). As Realize stated he turned the car around to head back, so he was not already travelling towards the compound before the transmission. If this is true, presumably Craig would have also begun to head back at this time if they were in the same OOC call/chat together with Mugin who provided this OOC information as a metagame. Images are provided mapping both Craig and Realize's journey to visualise this. I also find it very strange that none of the accused provided video evidence of the encounter, despite knowing (whether legitimately or not) that they were going into a hostile encounter. It is unusual that not even one of these seasoned players began to record, perhaps implying that they themselves knew that their communications were breaking the rules at the time, or they are withholding video evidence that may incriminate themselves.


In conclusion, I believe Realize had already begun to make his way back after being told ooc by Mugin that he had died and they were being raided, and NOT by IC information provided by Kenny via the radio. I believe the logs support this claim as I have explained above as I do not think that amount of distance could have been covered within such a short timeframe. A lack of video evidence by such an organised and veteran group of individuals may also hint to metagaming behind the scenes.


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