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Lore Event - "The Scientists"
TODAY | 2021-07-31 19:00:00 (server time) | Starts in 12 hours, 41 minutes | Nyheim City

Offering medical services!


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  • Diamond

*The radio flickers on as a relatively cheerful sounding english female speaks across the frequency waves*

"Greetings to those still residing within Chernarus, for those of you that don't recognise my voice or know who I am, I am Nurse Eva Riverwood, previously with the Asclepius medical team. I retreated to Russia after the fall of the old medical team due to...Safety reasons. However sadly after another fall, this time being the country of Russia, I am back over the border in Chernarus alongside my teacher Dr. Isaac Sutton.

Thus sending out this message as a open frequency for any that need or should need medical help to contact me. I am currently taking donations for my help, I shall recite the items I am needing as of now : 

1. Toilet paper, lots of it.

2. Any sweet confectionaries like cereal, chocolate, skidaddles and also powdered milk!

3. A bottle of Alcohol as I currently owe a lady named Jana one.

Thank you for listening, stay safe and I shall leave my frequency details at the end of this message incase you should need to contact me."

*The message shuts off after a small beep, it repeats several times through out the day for a week*

(( Contact either Ilikelettuce on discord or Cor#2527 )) 

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  • Emerald

Antonio's voice comes over the radio

"Ey Amigo, i might need your help here soon."

"I'll be in touch by then, but i definently have some alcohol you can have."

"Just hit me up on 61.7 and ask for Antonio, i'll hopefully hear from you soon"

Transmission end


// 61.7 = My Discord //


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Isaac speaks into his radio following Eva's announcement

"Just to add to this, I am looking for new students if anyone is interested in learning simple or complex medical procedures; I am very qualified and have many happy customers already. Get in contact with me and I will decide if I think you are suitable to learn."


// Cor#2527 on discord

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A Russian voice comes over the radio

"Will you have need for a Pulmonologist?" 

The radio goes quiet as the Russian man waits for a response. 

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*The radio crackles back as she speaks*

”Dr. Isaac Sutton is a specialist in cardiothoracics which involves said heart and lungs however help is always welcomed! The more hands to deck in these trying times, the more people we can help eh?

Are you a pulmonologist?”

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The radio kicks on 

"Yes. A specialist." 

Waits by the radio

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*She chirps back over the radio*

"Fantastic! We shall contact you by radio frequency if we should need any assistance, also feel free to come and see me up in Novaya should you wish to discuss anything medical. Have a great day and stay safe yeah?"

*The radio cuts back out*

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