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Sad message from your local folks at SPERO


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The radio would click on and Nate Anderson's voice could be heard

"Hello people of Chenarus! Nate Anderson, Militia Commander of SPERO here to give you a very sad message. It's with great regret that I have to inform you that roughly 3 days ago now Alexei, Kuba, and Shelbi's cousin Kolar Novak has unfortunately passed away at the age of 29 due to a horrible gas station accident."

He would pause for a moment

"He was a good man and only wanted the best for his family. We appreciate any kind words in this trying time. The Novak family would surely appreciate it."

"We love you Kolar!"



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  • Diamond

A shockingly less drunk Josef Liska speaks over the radio

"I'm sorry for your loss." 

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  • Emerald

Vasily's voice comes over the radio

"As much as i dislike Spero, i must say i'm sorry for your loss."

"May they rest with the memories of their attempted takeover, and may your group finally become good for Chernarus instead of hurting it."

"Good luck moving forward blin"

Transmission end.

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  • Diamond

A soft rustle can be heard as Chameleon sits up on the sofa and presses the PTT at the same time.

"As some of you might know, I lost a large portion of my memory, but I still wish to say something even if I don't know these people.
Some people come into our lives and leaves like a gust of wind, while others come and stays, leaving footprints on our hearts.
I wish to remember these people as the latter and remember them as good friends that did leave a footprint on my heart, and I will miss them.
Rest in peace.

Chameleon lets go of the PTT as he takes a deep breath.

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  • Sapphire

*as he sits in the belic bar he pours his own glass of sake* 


“may he Rest In Peace my friend” 


*drinks his glass and starts drinking from the bottle”


”was he an honorable man?” 

*he would release his PTT*

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  • Sapphire

"This is unfortunate, dosvidaniya!"

*radio would fizzle out*

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  • Event Master

*Presses down his PTT with a bit of a sad tone*

"I am saddened to hear this. While I don't remember the individual specifically, the Novaks on the whole have been fantastic friends and great patriots of the country. It is sad to see any of them go. My thoughts go out to the family is this mournful time."

*Releases his PTT and busies himself as a distraction*

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  • Diamond

*Ales comes over the radio, softly speaking*

"Omlouvám se za vaši ztrátu a nechť jeho duše spočívá v lásce k Bohu."

*Ales sets the radio down and goes back to his book*



"I am sorry for your loss and may his soul rest in the love of god."


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