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NVFL - Green mountain - 23.00 GMT 25/4/2021


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Posted (edited)

Server and location: S1, Green mountain

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 23.10 GMT 25/04/2021

Your in game name: Vlad Kuznetsov

Names of allies involved: Inner circle 

Name of suspect/s: @Drake880

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 




Detailed description of the events: So we heard that there were people at GM so we decided to move up. When we arrived we saw a couple men who started to shittalk us. We decided to initiate on them and not even two seconds later the guy shoots at the floor with an RPG, killing 3 or 4 of us and himself. He was heavily out-numbered even after he killed a couple of us. He also started to shittalk us in Discord as seen above.

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Banksyy POV: 

After being told by @Earl that the transporters said there was a truck around in zeleno/gm area @Earl went and checked GM for it to which he found the accused and 2 others. We arrive and speak to the man to which he then says 'if you wanna play games fella ill blow us all up right now' for some reason whilst we were speaking to him, and so although that was an initiation already, one of us proceeded to initiate on him to which the man looked down, and killed 2-3 people including himself and injured more. After that i said kaboom in dayzrp general to which @Drake880 started to be really hostile and borderline flaming in the discord, calling out group 'retarded', 'shitty copycat', 'bullies to whitenames' and 'all bark no bite'. This leaves nothing but a sour taste in our mouth and is unfortunate he thought that this would've been a viable route.

Whilst this was happening one of his friends tried to run away to which i initiated on him however im unsure what happened to him, i believe him to be the man who said he crashed however he made 'attempts' to rejoin however he never appeared again. I then proceeded to crash several times after too.

These are the screenshots of the things he said in general.












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Posted (edited)

I were heading south, I met 2 people from the transporters not far from Green Mountain. They told me they had a suspicion about a truck being at GM. Me being intrested in that went to GM. I approached Green Mountain and I saw a few people. I started talking to them, some giberish about green mountain and the attack on gm. Standing there for like 3 minutes the rest of the group show up. @Drake880 says as a joke, something along the lines of "If you wanna play games, I am going to blow us all up". We were at minimum 8 people and they were 3 people. When we dropped a initiation he decided to blow himself up with some of us. Clear NVFL.

I also have some screenshots from DayZRP general chat on discord, does not really seems like he care at all. It was apparently worth it because we were a "retarded group". No matter how many we would have been I think it shows that he would still go non-compliant, the mentality of this person explains most of what he did and why it was wrong. He was outnumbered, they were 3 and we were 8, 1 who complied and 2 who shot back. From my perspective it seemed to him that it was all a joke and he did not value the life of his character.








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Added some needed information
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In my three man group we took a car and a truck to green mountain to meet another guy to pick him up. We all got out at green mountain to relax, about 5-10 minutes of waiting later a man looking like military showed up and started a conversation with us, I went up to him and continued talking to him until he started making remarks about how I looked like a member of the group that attacked green mountain in the past, I kept saying I wasn't until shortly later about 8-15 heavily armed people showed up, I've been playing on this server for years and when I see shit like that I know exactly where its going, so as soon as I saw them start to get a little aggressive I pulled out my RPG and started saying I was willing to blow myself and all them up if they tried shit, they continued getting in my face yelling at me for about 30 seconds. Finally they gave out the call to put our hands up, one of my guys complied and me and another fought back, I pointed my RPG right at the ground of one of the attackers and pulled the trigger. One of my guys (I think) killed one then got gunned down.

In my opinion in a real life situation I wouldn't try and hold up someone holding an RPG fully loaded and ready to fire but hey. 

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Connection logs:


19:13:35 | Player "Vlad Kuznetsov" is connected
- Dead - 
21:48:04 | Player "Vlad Kuznetsov" has been disconnected

19:14:38 | Player "Moskvin Novacek" is connected
- Dead - 
21:42:13 | Player "Moskvin Novacek" has been disconnected

20:59:10 | Player "Thomas Neill Balm" is connected
- Dead - 
21:26:47 | Player "Thomas Neill Balm" has been disconnected

19:38:13 | Player "Niko Krechko" is connected
- Dead -
21:14:26 | Player "Niko Krechko" has been disconnected

19:04:46 | Player "Bellamy Whelan" is connected
- Dead -
22:17:07 | Player "Bellamy Whelan" has been disconnected

19:45:36 | Player "Vasili Nikolaev" is connected
21:26:51 | Player "Vasili Nikolaev" has been disconnected
21:27:44 | Player "Vasili Nikolaev" is connected
21:28:19 | Player "Vasili Nikolaev" has been disconnected
21:29:49 | Player "Vasili Nikolaev" is connected
21:31:12 | Player "Vasili Nikolaev" has been disconnected
21:31:24 | Player "Vasili Nikolaev" is connected
21:34:18 | Player "Vasili Nikolaev" has been disconnected
21:34:32 | Player "Vasili Nikolaev" is connected
21:35:37 | Player "Vasili Nikolaev" has been disconnected
21:35:52 | Player "Vasili Nikolaev" is connected
21:36:54 | Player "Vasili Nikolaev" has been disconnected
21:40:14 | Player "Vasili Nikolaev" is connected
21:53:22 | Player "Vasili Nikolaev" has been disconnected

19:56:06 | Player "Vladimir Kruchakov" is connected
21:32:49 | Player "Vladimir Kruchakov" has been disconnected
21:33:15 | Player "Vladimir Kruchakov" is connected
21:34:21 | Player "Vladimir Kruchakov" has been disconnected
21:34:42 | Player "Vladimir Kruchakov" is connected
22:02:32 | Player "Vladimir Kruchakov" has been disconnected

19:48:55 | Player "Zakhar Shchyotkin" is connected
20:23:38 | Player "Zakhar Shchyotkin" has been disconnected
20:25:04 | Player "Zakhar Shchyotkin" is connected
21:26:51 | Player "Zakhar Shchyotkin" has been disconnected
21:27:36 | Player "Zakhar Shchyotkin" is connected
21:29:29 | Player "Zakhar Shchyotkin" has been disconnected
21:30:05 | Player "Zakhar Shchyotkin" is connected
21:32:35 | Player "Zakhar Shchyotkin" has been disconnected
21:33:23 | Player "Zakhar Shchyotkin" is connected
21:36:58 | Player "Zakhar Shchyotkin" has been disconnected
21:37:34 | Player "Zakhar Shchyotkin" is connected
22:03:55 | Player "Zakhar Shchyotkin" has been disconnected

Hit Logs:


21:11:51 | Player "Vlad Kuznetsov" hit by explosion (ExpansionRocket_Ammo)
21:11:51 | Player "Moskvin Novacek" hit by explosion (ExpansionRocket_Ammo)
21:11:51 | Player "Thomas Neill Balm" hit by explosion (ExpansionRocket_Ammo)
21:11:51 | Player "Niko Krechko" hit by explosion (ExpansionRocket_Ammo)
21:11:51 | Player "Vasili Nikolaev" hit by explosion (ExpansionRocket_Ammo)

21:11:52 | Player "Zakhar Shchyotkin" hit by Player "Bellamy Whelan" with AKM from 11.7324 meters 
21:11:52 | Player "Bellamy Whelan" hit by Player "Zakhar Shchyotkin" with AKM from 11.6374 meters 
21:11:52 | Player "Zakhar Shchyotkin" hit by Player "Bellamy Whelan" with AKM from 11.5908 meters 
21:11:53 | Player "Bellamy Whelan" hit by Player "Vladimir Kruchakov" with AKM from 17.0478 meters 
21:11:53 | Player "Bellamy Whelan" hit by Player "Vladimir Kruchakov" with AKM from 17.159 meters 
21:11:53 | Player "Zakhar Shchyotkin" hit by Player "Bellamy Whelan" with AKM from 11.7338 meters 
21:11:53 | Player "Bellamy Whelan" hit by Player "Vladimir Kruchakov" with AKM from 17.2188 meters 

Kill Logs:


21:11:51 | Player "Vlad Kuznetsov" (DEAD) killed by Expansion_RPG_Explosion
21:11:51 | Player "Moskvin Novacek" (DEAD) killed by Expansion_RPG_Explosion
21:11:51 | Player "Thomas Neill Balm" (DEAD) killed by Expansion_RPG_Explosion
21:11:51 | Player "Niko Krechko" (DEAD) killed by Expansion_RPG_Explosion
21:11:53 | Player "Bellamy Whelan" (DEAD) killed by Player "Vladimir Kruchakov" with AKM from 17.5892 meters 

Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have:
@Jackfish | Vlad Kuznetsov | OP
@Benry | Moskvin Novacek | POSTED
@Earl | Niko Krechko | POSTED
@Banksyy | Vasili Nikolaev | POSTED
@SynO | Vladimir Kruchakov | POSTED
@Elrod | Zakhar Shchyotkin | POSTED

@Drake880 | Thomas Neill Balm | POSTED
| Bellamy Whelan | POSTED

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Me and some of the boys heard  @Earlradio in that there where people at GM. We headed straight towards the place and when we arrived there we met some people that started to shit talk. He didn't really care that there were lik 8 of us against his little group. He decided to continue talk shit to us and threatened us to blow himself up with us. We had enough and decided to pull our guns on him and initiate. He fired his RPG killed himself in the explosion. 

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1 hour ago, Drake880 said:

Hello @Drake880

What was your friend's forum name who was involved in this situation ?

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Logs have been updated calling in @SynO @Elrod & @TidusTZ for their point of views of this situation and any video evidence they may have.

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Posted (edited)

Me and some of our boys rock up to green mountain because we got words that there was a truck up there with people, so obviously we wanted to go there and see what was going on and take hostages and the truck, before anything happened there was only 1 of us there, then 7 more of us ran into green mountain to start the hostilities, and that's what we did. Whilst @Jackfishand  @Benrywas talking to the suspect I hear "If you wanna play games, I am going to blow us all up" which obviously, at the time i thought was a joke because it'd be NVFL if he tried anything by going 3 v 8 and especially if he blew himself up with intention. When the initiation dropped i heard an explosion go off, indicating that he indeed NVFL'd with the rocket-launcher, the other one i saw was not complying and started shooting at my comrade @Elrodso i simply blasted him into oblivion, thankfully my comrade didn't die. 

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Hello roleplayers, Local Communist Elrod here.

Here is Zakhar's POV

Me and my fellow communist roleplayers pulled up to GM, as we had been told by our comrade @Earl that there were some fellows up at good old green mountain. We went there with the intention of taking hostages and redistributing gear to the tired and weary in the name of good old communism. As we pull up i hear one fellow say, "if you wanna play games , i am going to blow us all up" in an obvious 3v8 or more. Initiations get dropped and i initiate on the dude at the back of the compound. Thanks to dayz 1.12 i get shot in the leg and instantly go unconcious, thankfully my comrade @SynO was there to ensure the ruthless hammer and sickle of communism was dealt on these gear hoarders.


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As @TidusTZ has been in-game since being called into this report, he will now be temporarily banned until he provides his POV.

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I sense an extreme amount of dysfunction and toxicity brewing behind the scenes, but I'm not pointing any fingers. It's weird to me how it seems nobody involved has completely admitted to what exactly they were involved in. I see above the link to my twitch with my entire POV was posted and then replied to again in another post, so I'm not sure if you want me to simply type out a slightly altered version of events like everybody else or simply watch the footage, either way I will go ahead and do both.

I met with a man whom I considered to be a friend and traveled with him for a long while, on a trip to fix up a truck and a sedan. Once doing this and having met with another one of his friends, a plan was formed to head to GM, to wait for another companion to arrive. Shortly after arriving a man looking to be part of some type of para-military group showed up, and while he initially acted friendly to stall for his other 8 or so comrades, as soon as the rest showed up, he became immediately aggressive and making derogatory remarks against Americans. You all know what happened next. Thomas pulled an RPG and told them if they were going to try and harm us, he would blow himself and them up. (I'm paraphrasing, see video.) At which point even with a warhead aimed at their feet 4 of them decided to initiate(slight NVFL if you ask me, numbers or not, just because you know you have more numbers does not mean you just dont have to value YOUR character's life, just my opinion,) and kaboom. At that point there was a lot of screaming and I turned and lit up the first hostile I saw, in my eyes there was no other option as I assumed at that point I was going to die either way. 


the confrontation starts almost exactly at the 3 hour mark

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Thank you for your POV @TidusTZ, your temp ban has now been removed. Please keep an eye on the forums in the event that we should have further questions for you.

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@Drake880 | No Value for Life (NVFL) - GUILTY
@TidusTZ | No Value for Life (NVFL) - GUILTY


On a lovely Chernarussian day, @TidusTZ and @Drake880 head up to Green Mountain to meet another person. While there, they are interrupted by the arrival of @Earl, and shortly thereafter the arrival of his group members, the Chedaki. They begin to have a heated discussion with Drake880, who threatens to blow them all up with his RPG. Shortly after this, the Chedaki drop an initiation, and Drake880 launches a grenade shell at the ground before he and his ally are killed, along with three members of the Chedaki.


NVFL | Okay, to put it quite simply, @Drake880 you quite literally turned yourself into a walking explosion. There are no circumstances where it is justifiable to say that it is valuing ones life to shoot an RPG at their feet. It is quite simply not feasible to survive shooting a high-explosive charge at your feet, nor is it difficult to comprehend that shooting high-explosive in such close proximity to yourself is not survivable. Had this been a simple threat that you did not intend to carry out, it would have been left at that. But since you actually followed through with that threat, you ended up killing yourself as well as three other members of the Chedaki. Fortunately for you, the kills on the Chedaki were valid.

However upon review of your attitude towards this situation, the nature of your rule break, and considering the attitude you presented towards the other party in this engagement, we feel that you need time to check your attitude, reflect and learn when to step back if you are frustrated with a situation. For this reason, we have given you a five day ban instead of the standard three days for no value for life, as well as fifteen warning points for you to dwell on while you wait for your ban timer to expire.

As for @TidusTZ, you have also been found guilty of no value for life due to your decision to non-comply against at least two enemies. This being said, mere seconds before you decided to non-comply, four members of the Chedaki were visible in your video, indicating that you would have been aware that at least four members of the enemy had survived the rocket blast. As you were out in the open when the shooting began, the odds of you surviving this encounter were very limited. Had you ducked behind the car to your right, or the truck to your left, this may have had a different outcome, as defending yourself from behind cover is usually a better alternative than shooting at two people from out in the open.


@Drake880 | No Value for Life (NVFL) (AGGRAVATED) | 5 day ban, 15 warning points & character permanently killed.
@TidusTZ | No Value for Life (NVFL) | 3 day ban, 10 warning points & character permanently killed.

Signed by @Duplessis, @Realize, @Lettuce and @PaulB

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