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*Clutching his right shoulder tightly, Tom observes blood running down his arm. He struggles to activate his personal radio, head pounding like hell. Transmitting..*


*The pain intensifies*

"I'm.... i'm alive... arghh f*ck that hurts..."

*The transmission briefly cuts out.*

"Are you.."

*Static garbles the sentence*

"arrghhh! ...i'll try find you soon, to thank you in person..."

*Static resumes, and no further transmission is heard.*


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*The radio clicks into activity*
"Tom? Tom! You are alive! Thank heaven. Look, I will contact you on a different frequency. I am okay, sorry for... well."
*Arthur's breathing would seem ragged for a few moment's before he gathered himself.* 
"If we can't meet up seek shelter with Lost Highway, the Bar or SPERO, we can work it out from there." 
*The radio clicked off*

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The wind whistles through the trees, just a small break from rain. He hoped. "Getting low on rations, gotta find that Doctor" Removing the Radio from his pack Tom activates it, turning the dials to the last frequency he had contact with Arthur.

*Arthur, i don't know if you have received my last calls...*

The pain resumes.

"F*ck, damn morphine wearing out!"

"Arthur, its Tom. If you are hearing this i'm way up north. Trying to find a Doctor. Met some nice people, Barbara and DImitri?"

There was a short break.

"No luck so far, and the pain is getting worse... i don't know if i'm gonna make it in this cold. I'll try find you!"

The transmission falls silent.


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*Dr. Mayfield hears the mans cry for help and presses the PTT*

"Hello? My name is Dr. Ellis Mayfield. If you are after a doctor, head towards Novaya Petrovka. There will be doctors in the area within the next hours. If not, there are also some nurses there which can help you and pass you onto one of the local doctors." 

"I may be able to help you over the radio though if it is not a sensitive matter and you are comfortable doing so. I will be there in a few hours if you are not seen by anyone beforehand." 

*He releases the PTT as he passes on the message through the Medical Union Frequency to other doctors in the region* 

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