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Make food more common

Should food be more common?  

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Its ridiculous how hard it is to find basic items on this server. I understand making things a bit more realistic and challenging, but running solo means that most of your time is spent looking for food or water. It makes traveling hard because running isnt an option, and the only way you dont have to worry about food is if you are lucky enough to find a gun, ammo, knife, and an animal to cook. It's not enjoyable. I've spent probably 4 hours in the past two days on the server and the entire time was spent looking for food and dying from starvation. I didn't join DayZRP to play a loot simulator, Id like to actually go around and find people to talk to and form storylines and, well actually roleplay. At this point it's just an annoyance more than anything, at least servers like S.T.A.L.K.E.R make survival interesting by adding a new map and new enemies, but this shit is just the same thing we've been doing for years. Walking around looking for loot on the same map thats been played since 2013. 

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I voted no because I simply havent run into any food issues, with hunting, foraging, farming and scavenging for canned goodies at my disposal. I survived on just apples and pears in this patch. 

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I already answered this concern below:


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Food is actually more common now so no need to make them even more common.

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Best advice I can give is build a fishing rod and get fishing if you’re struggling, that way atleast you can get a better start. 

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Although I haven't been playing much lately, so I can't speak to the post-wipe situation, my luck with finding food has been hit or miss in the past, but honestly what do you expect from the end of the world as we know it?

Let's face it, non-perishable food would be all but gone from stores within a month of total systemic collapse.  Even in more rural areas scavenging would be a hard life of borderline malnutrition.

If you think it is bad on DayZRP servers, try vanilla where you can starve to death within 30 minutes of starting play unless you're fortunate.

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Nah from me fam,

It's not too hard to find food, you can always come across a chicken and just need to cook it up with a couple of minutes. Otherwise the classic buildings or zombie farms with beans in their pockets will do the trick. You can also always go to a settlement where people live and snatch a couple of cans from them hehehe.

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Food hasn't been much of a problem for me, I always find chicken or some can from a zombie. And if I need to I sell stuff to the civ trader then get food. Not much of a big problem as far as I've seen.

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Food is ridiculously easy to find. If not on the ground, on zombies. -1

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Surviving is apart of the RP, it's the same reason I don't see the recent buff to the infected as an issue. The core of the lore is the threat of the infected, at least that's how it all started. Finding means to survive, whether it be a weapon or food pushes you to interact with others and moves you to locations with RP. I'd suggest not seeing surviving and RP as two separate tasks, as I think the premise that DayZ can be a fun roleplaying game is to survive to RP, and RP to survive.

More practically though; Animal spawns are all around the map, pick a town you want to visit and start heading there. You're bound to hear an animal on your journey. If not, loot the town you reach and look for people, ask if they've heard any animals in the area. You can play solo as far as surviving goes, but I think you'll find that getting acquainted with others does wonders for both RP and surviving alike. Good luck 

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