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Rechargeable 9V Battery


Rechargeable 9V Battery  

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  • Emerald

Rechargeable 9V Battery Workshop
I would love this mod to be added as there are so many items in the game that use the 9v battery. I found that when listening to the radio for Apocalyptic Radio my battery would drain fast then it would dead and couldn't listen anymore until I found a new battery.  

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  • Diamond

The batteries in question are already ridiculously cheap and pretty common to find.

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  • MVP

I tried making this a while ago but unfortunately I can’t retexture the battery to make a rechargeable one, and they don’t really fit right in the rechargers.  

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  • Administrator

I don't see a need for this personally since these are already easy to find. If your battery runs out it would probably be faster and easier to find a new battery than to find a recharging station for the old one.

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  • Diamond

I personally think this would be a pretty cool thing, especially if your character was into recycling. Then you could re-use the batteries by recharging them. Could be a cool game mechanic to have 😄

+1 from me ^^

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  • Sapphire

I’ll give it a +1, sure the batteries might be easy to find and cheap but it’d be cool to have the RP element of charging 9v’s.

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