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Melee protection.

Adding in more gear for protection in melee.  

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Looking at how things are after new update, I'd like to suggest adding in more clothing/gear that protects Characters from Melee damage. Currently all we've got is Stab vest, that has quite poor protection. In past there was some kind of Breastplate/Cuirass but got no idea if it's still present in game. Currently we've got wide variety of melee weapons to choose from, getting more protective gear could be appropriate. Examples: Police riot suit, medieval armor (Chainmail, plate armor, maybe more helmets etc.), bike armor etc.

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A helmet is the most effective against shock damage, a.k.a. melee damage. The stab vest is effective against bleed damage, not shock. Your best bet is a helmet and vest to protect against melee threats like baseball bats and fists. 

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