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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Banshee's profile that was not locked

Why the verdict is not fair: I didn't know he was actually banned. His title said MVP and his profile was open. If he was actually permed, then staff failed to do their job properly when banning him and locking his profile. You can see I didn't think he was banned in the reply. If you don't want people to "glorify", then maybe the first step would be not allowing people to post on their profile, because that makes people think they're not actually banned.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Not much else to add

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed and the staff team to follow proper processes.  

What could you have done better?: Played minecraft instead of logging into dayzrp.com


edit: it’s confirmed if you go on someone’s profile, it doesn’t say they’re banned

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Greetings @Jamie,

A separate part of the staff team has reviewed your appeal and decided to DENY IT.

We are aware the forum does not display banned players as it was and should be. This is being worked on. Even though current settings of the forum do not give the opportunity to see if a community member is permanently banned from our community at first hand, your wording in the post clearly shows that you have been well aware of this. Stating "RIP" in your post with the whole wording, which alone is a glorifying by the book, and specially your own answer to this post as "Oh you’re not permed" shows that you have been well aware of the specific person to be banned from our community. 

With the above said,
Appeal denied - warning points remain.

Signed: @PaulB, @Duplessis and @Lettuce

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