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Server time (UTC): 2021-08-06 03:05

Dynamic Events - Contracts / Mutants
TODAY | 2021-08-06 19:00:00 (server time) | Starts in 15 hours, 54 minutes | Nyheim City

Griefing -- Cherno Island -- approx. 18:00 GMT 04/21/2021


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  • Emerald
Posted (edited)

Server and location: Chernarus S1, Cherno Island

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Wednesday, April 21, approx: 18:00-18:15 (GMT)

Your in game name: Leon Josef Radek

Names of allies involved: Daniil Turgenev @Zanaan, Frédérick Delacroix @Checster1999, Nickolai Crenshav @GhostyAlt

Name of suspect/s: Unknown, logs will show

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Red Sarka (friendly)

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Zanaan can provide video of the event in question.


Detailed description of the events:

While walking to the Cherno hospital with a farmer I met that day, Nikolai Crenshav @GhostyAlt, we came upon Daniil @Zanaan, who—upon hearing that my character is a medic—informed me that there were injured people in the Svobodny base who needed urgent care. We ran there immediately and I began to treat the wounded people there. I was struggling to hear the wounded people tell me about their injuries because there was a group of people behind us talking quite loudly, so I asked that they keep their voices down. Their reaction to my request was quite unfriendly, but I decided to just ignore their comments and focus on the situation at hand. After a while a crowd was forming around the wounded, and a few of them—wearing various masks/face-coverings—had their guns out. They were also making misogynistic comments toward one of the wounded (saying she looked like a prostitute). Given the atmosphere, the wounded (and myself) became a bit anxious by the crowd, and the rest of my medical supplies were back at the Lost Highway base on Cherno island, so we decided that it would be best if I could continue treating them there instead. Daniil took one of the wounded back to Cherno in his car, while I walked with the other. By the time we got there, the masked men from before were already there outside the Lost Highway base. I decided not to worry about them because it seemed Daniil was dealing with them.

I unlocked the gate to bring the wounded back into the base to properly treat their wounds, but the masked men tried following us. Given that they still had their guns out, I decided it best to close and lock the gate before they could enter, and I proceeded with focusing on my patients. The men became quite upset that I closed the gate on them, which I normally wouldn’t do, but my reasoning to do so was that I needed to treat the wounded without distractions. Then, one of them pulled out an RPG and threatened to take down the wall, so I began to unlock the gate for them (it’s a four-number combo so it takes a while). One of the wounded told them to go away, as did one of the Lost Highway’s guards, Crow @Checster1999, who told them it would be in their best interest to leave.

When I saw them starting to leave, I stopped entering the code, turned around, and decided to continue the medical RP situation in which I was involved (one of the wounded was bleeding from his neck, so it demanded my character's immediate attention). As I was tending to their wounds, I heard the loud and continual blasting of guns, assuming that they had initiated on Crow and Daniil. While trying to get the wounded to safety, Crow and Nikolai informed me that the men had not initiated on them, but had instead decided to shoot the engine of my red sarka (which was parked outside). Daniil/Zanaan also informed me that they took the wheels off my car (although I cannot remember specifically if Daniil said this was before or after they shot out the engine).

Either way, I struggle to see the intention of their actions being anything other than griefing, nor am I able to see the RP value / IC reasoning one could legitimately use to justify their decision to destroy the car and take the wheels. I would probably be less bothered if they at least gave some mildly compelling reasoning in-game as to why they would destroy the engine or if their purpose were at all clear beyond causing grief to the owner of the vehicle (myself and the Lost Highway), nor would I be bothered if they had just initiated on us or whatever and tried to make some interesting hostile / hostage RP, but that was not the case.

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Posted (edited)

Will post POV as soon as possible: WIP

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  • Emerald

Hi all, after talking with some of these guys OOCly I've decided to drop the report. Sorry to all if my report has caused any inconvenience.

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  • Administrator

We are glad that the OP and the accused were able to come to an amicable agreement. It is always good to see people talk out rulebreaks.

With the above said,

Signed by @Duplessis and @Lettuce

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