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PK rule changes?


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Posted (edited)

Figured I'd put this here, thought's been bugging me.

Now with 1.12 reworking not only how infected attack you (they won't hit you once you go unconscious, etc.) and how gun play has been reworked to have more knock-outs rather than deaths...

Would it be  a good idea to change the PK rules? I think it would bring some more char values to PK characters that actually end up dying in firefights, as now dying isn't - or shouldn't be the norm, and it is now harder to straight up die to infected.

Thinking it would enrich the RP between chars, and add some more In-game and in-character consequences for the group wars that pop up.

Not looking to poll the community, just wondering what y'all's thoughts are!

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  • MVP

Deaths in firefights will be just as normal. It's not like I will stop the firefight to RP with an unconscious enemy, I'll probably just double tap him to the respawn screen and I expect just the same if I go uncon.

I like the PK rule currently, I don't think it needs change.

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Wouldn't mind the PK rule to be a bit more strict, but since firefightRP is adored by a lot, I don't think any major changes will be happening anytime soon.
But one never knows... 🤔

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Unpopular opinion:

I like the PK rule, it prevents people from being taken hostage 20 times by the same group and survive each time.

I feel like people are attached to their characters and i'm guilty of it as well, so having a system that pushes the "You have to be careful with your character" is a good thing in my eyes.

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  • Diamond

I think this is a non-issue and we should leave the rule as is. It hasn't been abused or heavily enforced and players are killing it with their RP over PvP. So props to the community. 

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  • Lore Master

I've not seen the new iteration of the rule being used ever.

No point really.

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I have played on servers with both different and no PK rules and with no PK rules. What I mean with "No PK rules" "you died? Then make a new char."
I'm going to admit I was worried last time we had a PK rule change, but it turned out great, and in my experience, this server has the BEST PK rule ever.
So no, do not change it in any way because from this point, in my opinion, the PK rule can only get worse.

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Yeah though I like the idea of deciding to PK your character in a firefight I don't like the idea of it being something that's a rule. There are events and a-lot of things that can kill you. I haven't really seen anyone upset about the PK rule before and I think a good role-player probably knows when his or her story is over and if they don't the admin team can mark them to be open to being PK'd. 

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Like Duke said, I don't think there have been any instances of the new PK rule being used yet. 
However, I don't think the issues that pushed this rule into its creation has been a majorly present lately. 

I don't think the rule needs to be changed right now, at least until we see the implications of the current one. 
I think the concern with the new gun/health/shock system, we should be asking staff if its considered ruleplay to "double tap" someone IF the opportunity for capture presents itself. Obviously I wouldn't expect people to go tying people up in the middle of a large gunfight 😂

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