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Server time (UTC): 2023-06-06 12:00

AOGM - Vybor - 12:32 UTC Server Time


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Server and location: Chernarus S1, Vybor town

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 12:32 UTC

Your in game name: Andrei Vladislava Cazac

Names of allies involved: N/A

Name of suspect/s: A man named "Vic", log check can confirm.

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Friendly Sarka 120 (Mine)

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video has been trimmed due to personal/work files present in the background during update procedure.

Detailed description of the events: 

I, the local Russian man, was taking a trip down to Vybor to search for a grand ADA 4x4 until I find myself next to a pristine white Olga parked in the middle of the town, I decided it's time to make some money with the Transporters and while trying to hook it, a man by the name of "Vic" came along and asked for a ride.

I agreed, trying to hook the car but the "ToxicZone" Mod decided to interrupt our RP and update itself, so I did what was needed, logged out, updated the mod, made sure I got all there is needed, and log back in to resume my RP with the man. Yet when I logged, the car was gone, all was left was me and a gas canister. I accuse the man of AOGM since I didn't take a lot of time updating my mod and securing it, but as I got in, he must've got in first and yoinked it. I feel like the RP was scuffed and the theft could've been roleplayed and gone way better than logging and taking like that.

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Connection Logs: 


10:36:42 | Player "Andrei Vladislava Cazac" is connected
12:27:04 | Player "Andrei Vladislava Cazac" has been disconnected
12:31:32 | Player "Andrei Vladislava Cazac" is connected
12:44:25 | Player "Andrei Vladislava Cazac" has been disconnected

11:40:57 | Player "Xavier Falco" is connected
12:27:04 | Player "Xavier Falco" has been disconnected
12:29:36 | Player "Xavier Falco" is connected
13:09:22 | Player "Xavier Falco" has been disconnected

Position Logs:


12:21:59 | Player "Andrei Vladislava Cazac" (pos=<4502.8, 9393.3, 339.4>) 
12:26:58 | Player "Andrei Vladislava Cazac" (pos=<3814.4, 8845.2, 311>) 
After restart
12:32:49 | Player "Andrei Vladislava Cazac" (pos=<3813.8, 8847.4, 311.0>) 
12:37:48 | Player "Andrei Vladislava Cazac" (pos=<3811.9, 8847.3, 312.6>) 

12:21:59 | Player "Xavier Falco" (pos=<3782.0, 8844.2, 315.4>) 
12:26:58 | Player "Xavier Falco" (pos=<3810.3, 8843.8, 310.9>) 
After restart
12:32:49 | Player "Xavier Falco" (pos=<2975.3, 7728.4, 323.1>) 
12:37:48 | Player "Xavier Falco" (pos=<2099.0, 7301.8, 262.8>) 

Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have: 
@Pepsi| Andrei Vladislava Cazac | OP

@Malcom Moon | Xavier Falco | Posted

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Well to start off I honestly didn't know AOGM could exist in this situation, I waited a couple of seconds aswel (I probably should've waited longer sorry for that) but when he didn't show up I decided to take my chances and drive away. In any case I will gladly return the vehicle back to you and wait out my punishment if any is given.

It's happend before where a helicopter was just on the airfield with the engine on and I just hopped in and flew away and I haven't been reported either.

I'm sorry if I caused any trouble/unfun experience and I hope to hear from u all soon!

(once again sorry in advance)

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2 hours ago, Malcom Moon said:

Well to start off I honestly didn't know AOGM could exist in this situation, I waited a couple of seconds aswel (I probably should've waited longer sorry for that) but when he didn't show up I decided to take my chances and drive away.

AOGM applies to this as well, getting in faster and getting the advantage to it counts. I logged in to continue the RP as fast as internet allowed me and I felt frustrated because I wanted to resume it but you left before I could be able to, denying the RP.

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  • Legend
4 hours ago, Malcom Moon said:


We still require your full POV of the situation.

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Well i was waiting for someone to approach the car, and then Pepsi showed up so I decided to walk up to him and then we talked for a bit until the server restart happend, and then the moment I got back into the server I waited a bit but when he didn't show up I hopped in the vehicle and drove away, As I said before I'm sorry for this situation and I will return the car if he wants and I will wait out any punishment if any is given.

Once again sorry, it wasn't my intention @Pepsi

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Verdict : 

@Malcom Moon | AOGM | Guilty

Summary :

Pepsi was in Vybor looking for car parts and ends up coming across another man who subsequently asks him for a lift. Pepsi's game then tells him he needs to update his ToxicZone mod so he has to log out but when he logs back in, the man and the car are gone.

Reasoning :

The reason we have come to this verdict is because as is shown by the video, POV explanations and connection logs, you were well aware who this car belonged to. You were roleplaying with him previously before he needed to log out to repair his mod, you say you waited a couple of seconds but that is not nearly enough time to be sufficient for waiting. Mods can take awhile to upload depending on the internet connection and then there is how fast can a computer boot the game back up afterwards. All of this can lead to being quite a lengthy process thus taking much more than a couple of seconds.

Had you wished to engage in trying to take his car from him, you could have waited for him to log back into the game and then do some hostile roleplay and take it that way. However you didn't, instead you chose to simply to take it while he was logged out. This is why it's abuse of game mechanics.

Suggestions : 

In future if someone needs to log out, wait exponentially longer and also keep in mind that if you would like to do something like taking a car. What are your characters motives for it? How could you go about it IC while providing good roleplay at the same time? Rather than just vanishing and leaving the other party confused.

Outcome : 

@Malcom Moon| AOGM - 3 day ban, 10 warning points

Signed : @Lettuce@Duplessis@PaulB

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