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Church service this evening!


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*The static crackles across the radio before you hear a thick accented chernarussian lady speak*

"Dobry Den all of Chernarus, I am speaking to you as a lady of the faith that still believes the beauty and support that our lord Jesus Christ can provide us. As such I shall be hosting a small church service this Saturday evening at eight o'clock. I call and welcome all those who wish to attend and pay their respects, recieve confession or just wish to observe the service and be given spiritual comfort.

It shall be in Mogilevka Church, we ask those that attend please remove your hats inside, you may keep your weapons on you but please leave your weapons without ammo inside them.

I hope to see you all there this evening and God bless."

*The radio cuts back off*

// 8pm GMT ( UK time )

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*Your radio would crackle back to life, a man with a faint german accent would start to speak, some may recognize the voice as that of Christian Kleehammer*

"There is a lot of things to be done to rebuild Chernarus and turn it into a civilized Country once more, one of those things is providing ways for people to practice their Faith once more."

"I remember that you've provided your service to the Familia's wedding in Novaya Petrovka, which I've personally attended, and I intend to attend this service too, even if I may not be a man that follows the Eastern Orthodox Faith."

*The radio would return to static as the man abruptly stopped talking.*

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