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Niko Lemars journal 

hello everyone its Niko hope everyone is staying safe and is doing okay, I have now completed my base well ill call it home all my home walls are up and i can honestly say that I do feel really dafe at night time even though that there is zombies walking about but hey what's the world come too haha just joking, I've set up some nice little cabins around my base with one in my back garden just so i can do some nice little inventions there is always food and a water pump accross the stree from me so im very glad i have chosen this spot, on the bad note there has been some break in and ive had some thing stolen but its what this world has come too me nore the government can control or stop this but it is what it is anyways ive not seen any of my friends since the time i went into gorka and found my lost liong friend dont worry guys ive put him down and he is not at rest so he wont be chasing your ass through gorka hahaha this is Niko Lemar reporting another story hope everyone stays safe and make sure you all saty away from the green gas and make sure to have a gas mask with you at all time over and out survivors 

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