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The Duchy Wants You!


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A broadcast would light up the radios of anyone on it's frequency, the voice of Duke Julius Horáček speaking through it

"Good people of Chernarus, the time is now to help rebuild this country anew, run as it was for centuries past. I am Julius Horáček, of the Duchy of Burnaya, current heir to the lands that once belonged to the Horáček dynasty. I am asking for your help to restore this great country to what it once was. The Duchy of Burnaya is now open for people who wish to seek citizenship of the Duchy, for those who wish to help and apply themselves to a larger purpose.

For the fighters of the country, the Order of Archangel Gabriel, our military wing, is recruiting. Fight for a cause worth fighting for; fight for God, and for a Duke who servers the people.

And to the youths of Chernarus, those whose childhood was taken from them by this plague, by the corruption and moral decay that took hold of this country for decades, we offer you the opportunity to develop skills that you perhaps did not have the opportunity to develop before; Skills of survival, camaraderie, strength of character and faith to God. A new Youth Cadet programme is open to you, where we will teach you these skills for free, to help you overcome what moral strife may trouble you, and to help improve you as a person, if you so desire improvement.

Housing, security, safety and food is provided to all those who wish to be a part of the Duchy. If this is something that interests you, please contact myself.

Za Boha a za vévodu, Slava Chernarus!"

After the speaking finishes, a song plays through the radio to those still listening.



The message broadcast would repeat once every two hours for a number of days, before stopping.


// Please PM myself if you are interested

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The croaky voice of an elderly man with heavy Slavic accent breaks the airwaves as the previous transmission ends:

Well, I will be damned! Here I am thinking to myself that all of your kind had either fled to the West or had been sent to the loving embrace of the Lyubyanka by the good old Joseph Vissarionovich. But here you are, spewing the same old poison as you have done generations before, thinking that the Sun shines from your assholes by some sort of divine right. Alas if you want to get a job done, you better do it yourself. So I call on all the working men and women of this land to send these aristocratic vermin back to the hellhole they spawned from by all means possible. The only place these White Guard, bourgeois swine belongs is on the lamppost with piano string around their necks!

The voice gets overexcited by the end and bursts into a hoarse cough. The man can be heard clearing his throat. Then he adds a few words in Russian:

"Ешь ананасы, рябчиков жуй, день твой последний приходит, буржуй!"

(Eat your pineapples, chew your grouse,your last day is coming you bourgeois louse.)

We won't bend our knee again, you will taste our fists!

The transmission ends with the emboldened whistling of the Varshavianka.




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