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Rain again?


Is it just me or does it rain to mouch  

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Hi all!
It feels like we are in the UK and not Chenarus right now.
Two types of weather rain or fog.
I want to change that with a compromise.
My suggestion is that when it rains, it rains for about one h or two, then a few hours of sunshine or other weather types.
I'm sick and tired of the 5min rain and overcast for 5min, and it starts to rain again. Don't you all agree?

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I do heavily agree.
I do be hating the rain.

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+1 it does rain to much I would say. Also for some reason the rain will abruptly stop for like 2 minutes and then come back for like 10.

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It's springtime in Chernarus, a temperate climate. 

Of course it's going to rain often. While I agree it can be a pain, it's more of an annoyance than actually deadly like in vanilla DayZ. We have a custom parameter that makes it warmer. 

-1. Yeah it's annoying, but not really that bad tbh. 

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I'll +1 as if I had the option to reduce the inconsistency of the rain and limit it to odd periods throughout the day, I would. 

However, It's a minor detail that doesn't bother me, or most i'd assume too much, so not to fussed tbh. 

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I usually play video games to "escape reality"

I hate winter and i hate rain, its depressing as fuck in real life and i wouldnt want to see that in game. fuck the "realism" i dont want it to conflict with my mental health.

Yes its good to have variety in weather but when it rains every 10 minutes it sucks.

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Yes + food goes down way to quick. @Roland pls fix ❤️ 

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Actually, the rain is pretty good, sometimes it rains for like 5 seconds then it stops, other times it goes on for a couple of minutes, nothing too gamebreaking for any roleplayer. So yeah, no need to modify something that's working good.

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it is an Eurasian country.. it is bound to rain as much as it does in game as well as irl

-1 for this, there is nothing wrong with it.

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Rain rain go away, come again another day.

With the coldness mechanics in the game being influenced by how wet your character is, the rain feels very abusive at times. Murder it.

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-1 It's Spring time it's bound to rain a lot, think it adds some cool atmosphere too

Although it is a bit annoying when it rains for like 2 minutes then stops then starts again

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I know this has been tweaked on several occasions, and I feel the rain/weather settings are currently in a pretty good place. If anything, as we get nearer to the summer months, I'd like to see more full-on thunderstorms and fewer of the "rains for a few minutes, stops, rains for a few minutes" showers that we've had as of late, but I'm not sure how much fine-tuning can be done in the settings/what settings are available to be tinkered with. 

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